You Hear

You hear a soft voice singing to you. Touching you lightly with fingers that love.


1. You Hear

You hear a soft voice

Singing to you

Touching you lightly

With fingers that love


A wing you will feel

As I linger there

To watch you sleep

Feel your dream


I watch over you

Every single night

As you lay to sleep

Hear my prayer


I hold you while you sleep

Listen to you breathe

Your my all

I'm here beside you


You hear bells

Ringing in your sleep

It is I my love

To have and hold


Don't give up your dream

I won't leave you

I will keep you warm

My love I'm here


You hear me

I am your fairy

You hold me close to you

I lifted your heart


Don't be sad

Never fear

You know it's true

I'm not going any where

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