I loved you

About an ex who treated me very badly and then heart broke me afterwards.
I wrote this about a year ago and then decided to publish it on Movellas.


1. I loved you


I loved you,

But now I hate you.

I needed you,

But now I don’t.

Didn’t want to live my life without you,

But deep down I knew that there was no hope.


The love I had for you,

Was unlike any other.

The love you had for me,

Was supposed to last forever.


You promised me forever,

What a fool I was to believe.

That you meant what you said,

That you would never stop loving me.


Too many promises went unkept,

My trust for you has been shattered.

You won’t love me always.

All was lies, that never really mattered


Your love for me gave me life,

And then killed me all the same.

You were my everything,

And for that I am ashamed.

Ashamed I bought your promises,

Ashamed I bought your lies,

Ashamed that your unreturned love,

Used to make me want to die.


I hope you’re happy wherever you are, 

And happy that you ‘ve killed,

The one who loved you,

Like no one else ever will.


I loved you but now I hate you,

My heart is sliced with a knife.

Over and over again,

Slowly taking my life.


With these thoughts I think,

That maybe you were right,

Maybe it was all a mistake,

As you could’ve ruined my life.

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