Twisted And Turned

I'm twisted and turned my life is turned upside down. In despair is my soul. My heart is torn.


1. Twisted And Turned

I'm twisted and turned

My life is turned upside down

In despair is my soul

My heart is torn


My body is shattered

Like a mirror on the wall

All I can see is a

Shadow on the wall


The pain comes fast and hard

Like a lightning bolt

It won't go away

Or leave me alone


I'm angry, depressed, and lonely

No longer do I have many

Friends I can trust

Just a mighty few


My life feels dull and empty

Like my arms

I wish I had my life back

The way it was


Troubles I have

Fears and doubts

Worries they bother me

Just not as much anymore


I feel like a old woman

In a shoe

So  weary and tired

I don't know what to do

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