Missed Opportunity

Its about a girl who get's asked out and she thinks for AGES about it but ends up saying no. A day later she thinks that she wants him back. NOw the boy ignores her, he keeps teasing her, no way she can get him back now. Even if she could get him abck all of her friends hated the boy and would tease her - what to do??


4. regret

Dan did write that on his rubber. I saw when he dropped it. Dan annoys me less now. He just teases me then smiles at me. Dan still fancies me people say. I am starting to believe them. What they dont know is I fancy Dan back.

I'll mever tell anyone. They hate Dan. They'll hate me too. I feel annoyed as I said no to him. Dan doesn't like me. I like him. I missed out. A missed opportunity.

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