Missed Opportunity

Its about a girl who get's asked out and she thinks for AGES about it but ends up saying no. A day later she thinks that she wants him back. NOw the boy ignores her, he keeps teasing her, no way she can get him back now. Even if she could get him abck all of her friends hated the boy and would tease her - what to do??


1. Question

A normal day. It was break at school and all my mates were laughing. As I looked across the yard, a boy in my year was looking at me ( I am new to this school). AS he catches my eye he turns away. Strange!!!

I thought he was just looking at me so I just got on with my life and went to English. Then everyone started to joke at me saying that Chris fancies you!! (the boy who looked) I got fed up and told everyone

"no he doesn't!! stop it"

"oh yes he does!! you know it"they would reply.

I got really fed up when they said this. I was shocked when one day my friend dragged my off away from all my mates and whispered in my ears,

"chris wants to go out with you. Will you??"

"ummmmm I'll think about it" I said back.

I did think. A lot. I wanted to say no but chris was being so nice to me. I wanted to yes but my friends would tease me. It came to a week and I still couldn't decide.

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