Missed Opportunity

Its about a girl who get's asked out and she thinks for AGES about it but ends up saying no. A day later she thinks that she wants him back. NOw the boy ignores her, he keeps teasing her, no way she can get him back now. Even if she could get him abck all of her friends hated the boy and would tease her - what to do??


3. annoy

Ever since the day, Dan ekpt annoying me. When he passed me in the corridor he would step on my toe. He would steel my bag, Flick my  back. I didnt get it. I ignored him. He kept hiding from me when I saw him. Boys are odd people, I dont get them at all.

Everyone kept saying that this was the way Dan hid his love from someone. I disagreed. He was getting to me. Each day people came up to me and said,

"ohhhhh! so what did you say to Dan?? I hope you said no. I hate Dan"

"yeah I said no. Dan is weird" I said back.

I saw Dan in the corridor. He hid (again) Clutching his rubber!! My friend followed and told me something unexpected.

"hey. Ya'no Dan?? He has put Chloe <3, Chloe <3 all along his rubber!!"

"no he hasnt!! Has he??" I replied.

"uhhh yeah!! Hey Dan show Chloe your rubber!!" she said.

"no. Why should I??"Dan said

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