While I was waiting you

Sheila is living every girl's dream. She meets One Direction and the curly one falls in love with her. They have what everyone wants to have: a fairly relationship. But is just that simple?Sheila is living in Canda, while Hazza is in London.Is their love strong enough?
While Sheila is waiting for Harry, someone new appears in her life- a gorgeous guy, who is making Sheila forget about her pain. Soon, the girl will find out that she has feelings for this guy too.
Now, Sheila is put in a hard situations. Who will she choose? The famous curly-hair guy or the gorgeous guy who took care of her while Harry was living his dream?


1. Smiling to Harry Styles


“Give you this, give you that

Blow a kiss, take it back”



Harry was looking right in my eyes, with those green, deep eyes that I was crazy about. I was still staying on my feet. I don't know how I can be so calm, but here I am , at a 1D concert, not freaking out after Harry Styles smiled to me. Ok, maybe a little freaking out. Just a little bit.

I love these boys. They are so funny and talented. And finally, after 2 years of drooling on my computer while watching One Direction in concerts, I was at a concert. They are right in front my eyes. And they are even more amazing then I thought.

So, I was saying. Harry was looking right into my eyes. He smiled. Hm... God, please, please, keep me on my feet! Please don't let me faint right now. Let me stay cool!

Somehow, I managed to smile to him. After he winked at me, he turned around and continued singing along with his mates.

Did this really happen? I was just dreaming or Harry just smiled at me? Really?! Oh my God, I think I am going crazy.

I felt someone watching me. I turned around and I saw some girls looking at me with so much envy that I thought that, if they could, they would shoot me right now. I gave them a cheeky smile and then focused my attention to 1D.

What did they think? It was just a smile. Nothing more. Not that I don't want something more, but I can't make illusions. I am very aware that Harry will never choose me. He can have the hottest girls in the world. Why would he choose me?I am just a normal girl who loves him and his music and freaks out even when she sees them on TV.

When I first saw Harry on X Factor, I laugh. I thought that he was a girl. But after I watched him singing and saw his passion for music, I found out that we have a lot in common. I love music, too. I am playing violin and I am one of those people who can’t live without music.

I became one of his number one fans. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the other boys in the band too, but Harry had something special. I voted for them in every live show and I was so proud of them when they signed their contract with Syco Records. I bought everything that had their faces on it. My room is full of 1D things and my walls are full off their song’s lyrics.

And after I drooled 2 years on my computer, watching their every concert, my super adorable Italian cousin gifted me a ticked to one of their shows in London. So , here I am, watching the guys performing in front of me, with Harry smiling at me.

At that point, I didn’t know that this smile that Harry gave me would change my life. 

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