The M.O.F.T

When the neighbor finally passed away, Oli and C.J. finally get to see what was going on in old Mr. Nameless's house. But it is something much different from what they expected.


3. Like a Dragon

So, Oli and I walked up the porch up to my house. The huge brown door towered above us. Oli glared at the lion door knocker. He stared at it for a couple seconds. He had this thing that he thought was so cute when he tried to have a staring contest with it. He couldn’t seem to hold it together, and I thought that he would realize that inanimate objects don’t blink. He sniffed up his tears. I admired how strong he was trying to be, even though I could tell that this casual acquaintance dying really tore him apart.

I broke up the staring contest between the door knocker and Oli, because I knew losing to an inanimate object would break Oli’s heart.  I yanked the door open and walked into the den, followed by jumping onto the couch, and asked Oli for the remote. He just kind of ignored me and collapsed on the other side of the couch. His nuzzled his face up into the pillow, and sobbed silently.

“Hey Dingus, you wanna maybe acknowledge me? I know this has been traumatizing for your poor little heart, but I kind of want to watch T.V.”

“They carried his lifeless body out of the door of a house that we pass everyday,” Oli tried to hold in his wailing.

“Thousands of people die a day, Oli. Why aren’t you having a panic attack over those people?” I asked rather. I was genuinely starting to think about this man dying, just because Oli was so broken up.

“I don’t know... I don’t think about them all that much. It’s just because that’s someone I talked to. I saw him. I knew him,” Oli winced like speaking every sentence hurt him, “ And anyways, I always thought that he had... some sort of... something magic about him. You know, although he seemed mean, he was majestic... I guess.. Like a dragon. A crazy old dragon, who blew fire and junk, but still was awesome because he was, you know, a dragon. Being a dragon seems pretty cool. And to see something as cool as a dragon die is just kinda.... sad, I guess.” He kind of smiled, like he was thinking warmly about the old man that we had feared since he first scowled at us back in 1999.

It was the first time I had seen him smile a little that day. I guess he’s just like a giant seven year old. It was nice to finally see him smile. He really knew how to light up a room. That British jerk.

“Well.... I suppose... But he’s gone now. Hey, does this look like and M n’ M or a Reeses Pieces?” I awkwardly mumbled trying to change the subject. I took a chance and ate it anyways and the most uncomfortable old peanut butter taste flooded my mouth.

“C.J., I think I need to go home. I’ll talk to you later,” he got up, he frowned a little and with his eyes said, “You can really be a heartless jerk sometimes. Feel some sympathy. A man died today.” and headed towards the door.  

As stepped through the door frame,  I panicked and yelled, “Oswald! Get over here at ten tomorrow. I gotta a surprise for you.” Oh, that boy just had a soft place in my heart. I could never bear to see him hurt. It physically hurt me to see that boy sad.

“Alright, Charlotte-Josephine,” that time he genuinely turned around and smiled at me, then  ran out the door.

“Don’t call me that!” I exasperatedly yelled through the door as he slammed the door behind him and ran down the sidewalk.

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