4 Years Ago

A girl never thought she would tell her friends about her being best friends with Liam Payne but one day it slips out. 4 years ago she left her best friend and moved to Florida. How will Jordan's friends react? How will her life change?
A girl, 3 best friends, 1 ex boyfriend, and 1 story about love, romance, and friendship!

4 years ago my life changed and I'm not sure if I will ever forgive the people that hurt me. The ones I loved but I know one thing. Those 4 years were the best! They were fun, scary, and beautiful. I met the love of my life. Now I'm watching over him. This is my story.


1. The Beginning Of A Crazy Summer

4 Years Ago I woke up on a beautiful sunny day, Florida breeze, perfect weather, it was the last day of school and life was great! Except one problem Finn my ex boyfriend! I just caught him cheating on me with my ex best friend Ashley. Also one more thing it was the third year that it would be the last day of school and summer I would be without Liam. Liam Payne yes the one from One Direction. I lived right next to him. We were best friends since birth. I moved 4 years ago. After 8th grade. Of course perfect timing coming to a new high school... Liam and I lost contact after he became famous, cuz he had to change all his contact info. I really miss him. I haven't seen him in forever, except last summer I saw a concert. He was really upset about the whole moving thing.  My life had changed without Li, he was always there. Now I have no one except my few best friends Elizabeth, Allison, and Michelle. Sure I know a lot of people and I guess I have other friends but I mean we don't really talk or hangout. I mean Li was alway over, staying for the weekend. We sang together, we had a band (well kinda, it was just us and danielle, our other best friend.) Danielle was our other good friend but she moved a while ago and then Liam met up with her on x factor and they started dating. I was so happy for him! But recently they broke up... I wish I was there for Liam. Just like I wish he was here for me. Well it's time to walk to school with The Plastics haha! If you've seen Mean Girls you'd know what I'm talking about. We just call ourselves that for no reason, we are nothing like them. We aren't really popular. Hah. Well here comes Allison. 

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