4 Years Ago

A girl never thought she would tell her friends about her being best friends with Liam Payne but one day it slips out. 4 years ago she left her best friend and moved to Florida. How will Jordan's friends react? How will her life change?
A girl, 3 best friends, 1 ex boyfriend, and 1 story about love, romance, and friendship!

4 years ago my life changed and I'm not sure if I will ever forgive the people that hurt me. The ones I loved but I know one thing. Those 4 years were the best! They were fun, scary, and beautiful. I met the love of my life. Now I'm watching over him. This is my story.


2. Sorry this one is short

"hey Allison"

"hey jor, you okay?" 

Before I could respond Michelle and Elizabeth interrupt 

"hey guys! Jor you okay?" -Michelle

"That's just what I was going to ask!"-Elizabeth

"I already asked."-allison 

I haven't told them about about Finn 

"well..." my eyes start to water hot tears and it all comes out! I tell them everything. And then something slips...

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