4 Years Ago

A girl never thought she would tell her friends about her being best friends with Liam Payne but one day it slips out. 4 years ago she left her best friend and moved to Florida. How will Jordan's friends react? How will her life change?
A girl, 3 best friends, 1 ex boyfriend, and 1 story about love, romance, and friendship!

4 years ago my life changed and I'm not sure if I will ever forgive the people that hurt me. The ones I loved but I know one thing. Those 4 years were the best! They were fun, scary, and beautiful. I met the love of my life. Now I'm watching over him. This is my story.


5. Jordan's House After School. Comment if you want more!

So we went home to see mom just chilling on the couch with the pups. The girls and I go into the rec room which we call the hangout and watch Mean Girls our Friday tradition. We were all talking about what we were going to do with our hair and everything haha we're weird!

"so I think we should do a waterfall braid on Liz and then put flower clips in where the hair falls!!" -M

"oh my gosh that's perf!" -A

"it will look really good!" -Me

"sure guys whatever I'm just listening because I know if I give any suggestions that y'all will not even listen!"-L

"haha Liz so true!"

"this is why we love you pumpkin face!"-A

"ugh finn stop talkin to meeee!!!" 

"he's a jerk he needs to get over himself!" -M

"omg our song is on" A says as we turn on the stereo!

We all scream on the top of our lungs to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!!!  Finn keeps on trying to talk to me but I don't know what to do. I kinda found this guy his name is Brandon....   He was in a few of my classes today because he just moved here. But hes a junior.... Ugh! So this is what happened.

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