4 Years Ago

A girl never thought she would tell her friends about her being best friends with Liam Payne but one day it slips out. 4 years ago she left her best friend and moved to Florida. How will Jordan's friends react? How will her life change?
A girl, 3 best friends, 1 ex boyfriend, and 1 story about love, romance, and friendship!

4 years ago my life changed and I'm not sure if I will ever forgive the people that hurt me. The ones I loved but I know one thing. Those 4 years were the best! They were fun, scary, and beautiful. I met the love of my life. Now I'm watching over him. This is my story.


8. It all happens

I end up running to my room crying completely forgetting about the girls.  They're sitting in the hangout room.  In my room there is a huge window.  I go in there and I here a knock I open my window. My window had a balcony it's like the ones you see in fairytales and I thought I was in one because I was in my beautiful dress. Oh I forgot there is a end of the year dance kinda like prom. And Brandon was gonna take me.... But not anymore! So I walked out onto the balcony and there was Finn. He had climbed the tree and was standing there with his guitar. And he started singing Just The Way You Are. And this is what he did when he asked me out which was on prom night when he came to pick me up. That was a great night and now I'm reliving it. But I don't know If this is good or not. 

"Jordan i'm sorry for everything I've done. My life has a huge whole in it without you and I shouldn't have cheated on you. I regret everything and I don't know why I did it. I was upset because Ashley had told me about you and Josh having your little fling an everything. I was very depressed--"

"wait what I never has a fling with josh, I mean I kinda thought he was kinda cute and he tried to do things but I didn't let him. I loved you and I never did anything. And YOU did, not me. You know how I felt? I didn't go off and sleep with someone.."

"Jordan please I came to you Because I knew you would be here to me just like you always have been and I came in confidence and left in tears."

" your not the only one in tears!!! God!! Why can't you just understand!! I love you Finn!! I've been tryin to hide it but it's so hard why can't you understand my pain!!"

"I love you too.."

Just then he leaned in and kissed me. He just made himself a better man. 

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