4 Years Ago

A girl never thought she would tell her friends about her being best friends with Liam Payne but one day it slips out. 4 years ago she left her best friend and moved to Florida. How will Jordan's friends react? How will her life change?
A girl, 3 best friends, 1 ex boyfriend, and 1 story about love, romance, and friendship!

4 years ago my life changed and I'm not sure if I will ever forgive the people that hurt me. The ones I loved but I know one thing. Those 4 years were the best! They were fun, scary, and beautiful. I met the love of my life. Now I'm watching over him. This is my story.


6. Brandon

Brandon walks in and sits next to me

"hey I'm Brandon I'll be sitting in class for a few days to see what the school is like."

"umm you realize today is the last day of school...?"

"oh no I didn't. That's why ma said to come today. Because i missed the other days! Ha!"

He's kinda country and he broke his arm 

"so how'd you screw your arm up?"

"I was uhh playing football and it happened."

"oh okay cool I guess maybe not..."

Oh my gosh Jordan your so stupid why can't you be cool!

"yeah so what's school like here?"


"wow you seem very enthusiastic for school..."

"oh I'm a senior so I'm glad to be getting out of this place!"

"lucky you I am a junior but I'm 18"

Oh so he got held back. 

"my parents thought I wasn't ready for high school so they held me back. Which is stupid because I'm an honor student my mom just wasn't ready for me to go."

"oh that's sucks!"

He glares at me

"I mean sorry that must have been fun..."

"it's okay I liked the class im in now better. Haha. But now I transferred."

"oh okay so your an honor student?"

"yep all a's all honor!"

Although he looked like one of those punk bad boys. I didn't know to believe him but his eyes are gorgeous. And what was I saying oh right I'm gonna believe him!

"so have fun here throughout your classes."

"oh can I have your number in case I get lost or anything. Or Need a ride home."

"you dont have a car? Or driver licenses?"

"nope my mom wouldn't let me get it she felt I was growing up to fast."

"okay well here call me text me if you wanna reach me!"

"Kim possible nice!"

"haha not many people get that!"

" we'll see ya ?"

"oh Jordan my names Jordan"

"well cya Jordan!"

and that was that he's smooth and gorgeous.

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