In The Forrest

This happened in May on a warm sunny day. I decided, I wanted to get away. So I packed a few things. Something to eat and drink. Was about all I took.


1. In The Forrest Chapter 1

I really didn't know where I was going. But it didn;t matter. I just wanted to be alone and think. It was warm that day in May. When I started out. But I knew I would not be gone long.  I started walking and walked a long time in a forrest so dark and gloomy. There was no sound, no breeze. I could see nothing. I tried to see my watch to find out how long I had been walking. But couldn't see.


It had to be for ahile because I was getting tired. I never get tired. My feet and legs were hurting. I was hungary.  But then I heard a sound. I jumped it was a long scream that went on and on. It wouldn't stop. I covered my ears but could still hear the screaming. What was it? Wish I could find out. That was not likely. I found a place  and sat down to eat. I ate what I could. Then took a drink. But I was so sleepy. I laided back and went to sleep, I had dreams. Bad ones. When I woke up, I almost wish I hadn't. There sitting on my chest was a creature so small. You could barely see it. Except for one of the biggest eyes, I have ever seen. It was different colors. But I could not look away. When I tried. I was drawed back to it.


I took a breath and tried to stay calm. I wanted it to go away. I hit it hard. And then and then out of nowhere, wings came out, big wings.  They hit me. Then I really jumped. I was scared, I said what do you want? Not expecting to get a answer. But answer me it did. I almost fainted. Instead I fell backwards.  It was on top of me.


As hard as I could I pushed it. It was still there. I asked again what do you want? This time something  like a smile came out. It said I want you.


I started shaking my head. No I said, you can't have me.  I want to be alone.  Of course you do. Came the reply but you still have me. No, I yelled , I don't want you.  Sorry but you got me. I'm not going any where, it said. I was so mad and scared. What are you going to do with me, I asked?   I'm just a girl wanting to be alone.


Then you should not have come to the forrest.  Bad things happen here. Oh my gosh, I didn't think about that. What had I gotten myself into?


This thing looked at me and said,  it is time for you..........

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