The Academy

When Heather received her acceptance letter to The Academy, a business/arts school in England, she had no idea love would find her. That one love is Louis Tomlinson. When they bump into each other at the airport, things just keep getting better... or will they? Come with Heather on her journey to love, friendship, and drama with One Direction in college


5. The Party


Paige knelt down next to me as I fished in my drawers and closet that I recently filled. I may not have a lot of money, but my mon was one bargain shopper and in LA, it was easy to be judged.

I toyed with a shoe that I never understood why I bought the pair. "Wait, what are those?" Paige voiced up, snatching the pair from my hands.

"Just nude Mary Jane heels... Nothing special." I said, shrugging and accepting the fact that she wanted them. "What's so special about them?" I asked

"These shoes are in style and can match with almost anything. We're using these." Paige said, setting them aside.

I handed her a bag that I forgot to look through that my mom had dropped off. She carefully unzipped the suitcase and removed a large. white bag.

"What is it?" I asked, looking at her shocked expression. "You don't understand your luck, Kalea." Paige said, her accent rolling off her tongue.

"They're just dresses. I don't look good in any of them..." I said, feeling self conscience. She held the dress up to my tiny frame and the shape of the pink dress with a square neck fit my figure.

"Go put this on." Paige tossed the dress at me. I caught it and strolled to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw my face. It was smeared with makeup.

I didn't want to be the girl I was in LA. I wanted to be a new woman. I'm 18 and living in London. No one knows me here that I know of and I'm tired of covering up the real me.

"You okay in there? Zipper stuck?" Paige hollered from outside the door. "Nope. Just thinking... Uhm be out in a minute." I said, startled at how long I'd been staring at my reflection and stretching y skin to make it more perfect.

My mom had raided our bathroom, stocking it full with new products and I spotted the makeup remover. I grabbed a cotton ball and swab and got to work. After about 2 minutes I looked down at the tissues, now completely black with a bit of shimmer from my eyeshadow.

I smiled at the thought of a clean slate and looked up. What I saw in the mirror wasn't perfect, but it was me. I was fine with that.

I hurried to put on the dress and I felt a little out if place. I was having this girl I just met give me style advice and have me play her Barbie.

I shrugged off the thought and for once, I felt beautiful. The dress was not revealing, but simply gorgeous. I spun around in pure delight and smiled at myself, finally accepting the new me and the feeling of excitement overwhelmed me. Anxious to begin my new life.

I turned the knob of the door handle and stepped out in my bare feet. No shoes yet. I have to practice walking in them first.

Paige was sitting on her bed, her head back in a book. Did I really take that long? Wow. Well I turned to Paige and got her attention my clearing my throat. She looked up and looked as if she had seen something magnificent. I blushed.

"You look wonderful. You'll look even better than some of the seniors. Hands down." She spoke, sounding way too excited.

The things that flew through my mind as she gave me all these compliments was vague because it was so fast. My mind couldn't process people being nice to me because the only one who had done it was my parents.

Paige helped me step into my shoes and held into my forearm as we practiced walking up and down our small dorm's walkway in between the beds.

I soon got a hang of it, but was still a bit wobbley. Paige just told me to stay close to tables and walls.

She then sat me down to work on my hair and makeup. Apparently, she's always wanted to work on my hair type and skin tone. Whatever that means.

I guess I was naturally tan. I had long flowing blonde hair that was wavy and had some big knots in it. She brushed through them, in my pain.

As much as I winced and flinched at the pain, she shushed me and simply said, "beauty is pain." I sure as hell agreed with that after 10 minutes she got the brush and even the comb through most parts of my hair and for once I could run my fingers all the way through it.

She tossed two right corners of my hair to the left and did a braid patter with them and did the same with the left to the right. I felt some tugging and pulling, but beauty was pain.

Next was makeup. Hence she never let me look in the mirror, but marveled at her own work, I knew it was good.

Paige shape shifted my face to every dumb position I could ever imagine and I rethought how I did my own makeup and if it was wrong. It probably was.

I felt a soft brush swipe across my eyelid after she asked me o close me eyes. "Don't flinch." She warned as she applied a liquid liner on the top eye lid. I didn't open my eyes for about 2 minutes, afraid it would smear.

After a quick layer of mascara and a short swipe of finishing concealer, Paige was finished. She turned me around to look in the mirror and I was in shock. I looked beautiful and I was not ashamed to admit it.

I fluttered my eyelashes and made kissy faces in the mirror and watched as Paige handed me some jewelry she found in my bag that would go perfectly with my outfit.

A chunky, pink bracelet, fake diamond earrings, and a pink locket necklace that looked like a gem.

I put it all on and slipped my heels back on with my dress. I wasn't afraid to make it around campus. I wouldn't get made fun of. "Finally". I whispered to myself.

"What?" Paige asked. "Nothing, just talking to myself." I replied. She looked at her bed that had a book propped up on an open page. "Come to momma." She spoke about the book and crawled in her bed to read.

I remained just outside the bathroom, not sure what to do with myself in a dress. Paige looked at the time.

"Shit! I have to get ready!" She threw the book down and hopped off her bed. Approaching her closet, she pulled out an outfit already put together.

It was a turquoise blue dress with cute matching flats. She just pulled her hair out of its braid and it was perfectly waved. A pair of diamond studs and a swipe of makeup and she looked beautiful.

In a couple minutes, it was time to go. I grabbed my clutch and put the dorm keys in it and my ID. Paige grabbed the golf cart keys and we were of the door.

When we arrived at the dance, we came at the perfect time. We weren't seeking attention, so we came when the crowd was there. I was anxious to see everyone.

This was my first impression to the school socially. Classes start Monday and it's Friday night... I'm ready. I just hope I don't dance like an idiot or screw anything up.

It was our turn at the check-in table. We showed our ID's and walked it. It was a banquet hall without the tables. There were strobe lights, bubbles, and balloons everywhere.

"Kalea!" I heard a voice call out. It was obviously one I the boys I met earlier. I think there were five of them? Counting Louis. Yea... And that girl, Clarice.

Zayn tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to be greeted with a very happy, "hi!".

"Hey Zayn, where is everyone else?" I asked, moving some hair out of my face. He pointed to the corner where the snacks were placed. "It's hilarious, Niall's trying to pull a girl." Zayn snickered.

"Pull?" I asked, I was lost. "Pull means to hit on someone or to pick someone up". Zayn tried to explain to me. I was clueless. "Oh! Okay thanks, I'm just a hopeless American." I said, walking over to watch Niall.

"So I'm in a band..." I heard Niall say, talking to this girl with long, blonde hair, and doll-like eyes. She smiled and nodded her head. "That's cool, I'm an acting major." She tried to impress him, but little did she know, that he was trying to do the same.

"Hey Kalea, you look amazing!" Louis said, slightly checking me out. I felt a little self conscience, so I crossed me leg over the other and swirled my toe on the floor with my heels.

"Are you ready to have the best night if your freshman year?" Louis asked. "So far." Liam joined in. I just giggled and prepared myself for the night to come.

"The party will continue in Zayn's dorm if you wanna come by!" Liam invited me. Before I could answer, Niall introduced me to his lady friend.

"Kalea, this is Sinead." Niall said, forcing a smile. "Hi Sinead, are you a freshman?" I started out our conversation with a nice starter.

"Yeah, I have no friends yet, and my roommate is no help at all. She is so quiet and I heard her cry earlier..." Sinead was talking and I noticed she had an Irish accent. "Wow that sucks.. So I see you met Niall."

"Yea, he's really cute and a sophomore, and I think he likes me..." Sinead's cheeks got red and she laughed to herself.

The rest of the night was just talking and dancing.

~2 and a half hours later~

"Kalea, come with us to Zayn's, I don't want you getting lost here at night." Louis said, motioning for me to follow him.

We got outside of the hall and began walking to Zayn's dorm. When we got there, I noticed it was so much larger than mine and then I realized that most people that go here are from money. I sat on a chair in the room and was handed a drink.

"What's this?" I asked. "Golden Glory". Louis answered, sitting next to me. We were talking for what seemed for a while and I kept getting handed drinks. I lost count of how many I had in my system.

"Why don't you sit over here?" Louis said, patting his lap. My mind was saying "why not?" But something in me said it was a bad idea. I listened to my mind.

Before I knew it, Louis had his arms around my waist and I looked around the room, instead of Louis for once. Clarice was atop Zayn, sitting on his lap, but facing him and they were making out. Niall had Sinead in front of him, his arms protectively around her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.

Louis' breath smelled of Ale, but I was too drunk to care. The smell for closer and I never seemed to understand how or why. I then turned back to Louis after realizing where it was coming from. His lips were literally 2 inches from mine.

His grip was tighter around my waist and I was lost in the moment. The alcohol was taking over my body and taking place in my thoughts. He inched closer and sloppily kissed me. The drunk me was all for it, but if I was sober, this would be crazy. I was about to pull away, but he pulled me in closer, until I was almost atop of him.

I then forcefully pulled away and he accepted it. But for the wrong reasons. "For later babe." Is all I could make out of his words. I just nodded to make him happy.

I turned around, but still on Louis' lap to grab my phone. I texted Paige

"I'm at Zayn's dorm. I'll either be home late or tomorrow. I made another friend."

I got a quick response: "okay"

"Who ya talking to babe?" Louis asked, somewhat slurring his words. "Just my roommate." I answered. "Okay. I don't think you'll be seeing her tonight though. You're too drunk to go back. Stay here" Louis got out from his slurring words that seemed to have no spaces in between them.

"At the time, I never thought about what he said, I just agreed and my mind did what it wanted. My body shifted around fast and I found myself locking lips with Louis.

His hands were clasped on my hips and I accepted it. The fact that I was intoxicated had to be apart of my reasoning if I ever had to explain it.

The rest if the night was a huge blur. I guess it was good...

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