The Academy

When Heather received her acceptance letter to The Academy, a business/arts school in England, she had no idea love would find her. That one love is Louis Tomlinson. When they bump into each other at the airport, things just keep getting better... or will they? Come with Heather on her journey to love, friendship, and drama with One Direction in college


3. The New "Friends"


I walked out of the auditorium after another lady walked on the stage and told us we were cleared to return to our dorms.  "Kalea!" I heard Louis running after me and saying my name, which made him even more out of breath. I turned around and he was right in back of me, his friends following. "Hey Louis!" I said happily and a bit if nervousness in my voice.  "These are my best mates. Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry." Each one in order walked up to me and shook my hand. Harry and Zayn hugged me instead. "Babe!" I heard a girly British accent rushing towards us. It was Clarice. She was running towards Zayn. She jumped in his arms and he spun her around. "I missed you!" Zayn said, removing her from being plastered against him. I knew they were together. Clarice rammed her lips against his and the little kiss turned into a make-out session fast. I just stood there awkwardly with the boys. "So, how do you like it so far?" Liam directed his attention away from Zayn, and asked me.  "It's been my dream to come here, and so far, it's exceeding my expectations." I said, happily. "Good, because that will go away." The blonde one, named Niall said. He didn't have a British accent, he had an Irish accent.  "What do you mean?" My smile turning into a frown very fast. "It just gets boring, nothing really interesting happens here. We just hope for fun incoming freshmen to change that up." Niall continued on his point.  "Maybe you can change that." Louis looked at me and winked. Yes, he winked at me and that actually made my knees go a little weak. I had never had a boy do that to me, and Louis was quite cheeky. "What about you Curly?" Liam asked Harry. Harry was being very quiet and hasn't said anything to me except an introduction. "It's just Katie." Harry said, looking at his feet, and looking away.  "Katie?" I found myself asking. "Katie and Harry just had to break up because she was moving to Australia to pursue her modeling. They were so in love." Louis said quietly so Harry wouldn't hear. Harry looked so heartbroken and he looked like such a sweet guy. Poor guy... "So wanna go get some food? I'm starving." Niall said, clenching his stomach, which was grumbling. "Kalea, wanna go get something to eat at the cafeteria?" Zayn finally joined our conversation when food was brought into the subject. "Sure!" I said, trying to be calm, but I was just happy to make one friend, let alone 5. We made our way to the cafeteria. Clarice and Zayn, hands interlocked. The rest of the boys trying to talk to me, but I was a bit distracted by Clarice. She looked at me and gave me a suggestive look. She skipped away from Zayn and up to me. "Hug him one more time and your out of this school." Clarice mumbled through her teeth, forcing a smile. "W-w-what?" I asked, being scared and confused. She thought I liked him? I just met him! Well there we go, my first dramatic situation. She walked back to Zayn and went back to the same position. Holding hands, and continuously flipping her hair every couple seconds with the other hand. She had long, straight blonde hair that was absolutely gorgeous. I mean mine was blonde and long, but hers was perfectly straight, and I think it is natural. Her high brown eyes sparkled when she looked in Zayn's mocha eyes and his eyes sparkled back. Almost as if it was a secret language I'll never learn.  We arrived at the cafeteria and we got a lot of looks because I was with them. As Louis and the boys cleared some if the path to get to the food, I heard whispers. "With Louis? A freshman? Her? What?" I heard those and many thee comments that weren't so nice. I made my way to the platform with the food on it. I picked up a sandwich that was wrapped up and labeled, "ham and cheese, mayo, lettuce". I put it on my tray, and also took a bag of chips and a foam cup for iced tea. After filling up my cup and overhearing other mean comments, I tried to just make my way past them an made my way to the table.  "Food. Hallelujah!" Niall said, making the sign of the cross and pointing up into the sky. I think this boy liked his food and I'm okay with that because I'm just the same.  "Kalea, Clarice said she thinks you guys can be good friends." Zayn said, looking over at Clarice, who was propped up on Zayn's lap. Everything in the café became silent. "What?" Clarice asked Zayn with a look on her face of intense confusion. "Kalea is a nice girl , and you guys will probably become friends." Zayn tried to explain, because it was so simple in his mind. "Hahahahaha." Clarice could not stop laughing and I just sat there, putting one chip at a time in my mouth. People stared, and a couple pointed at me. Some were filling their clueless friends in on what was happening. "C'mon Clarice, it's not high school, you need to expand your friend choices." Liam spoke up for me. "Expand my choices? I could have anyone in this room as my best friend with the snap of my fingers!" Clarice found this so hilarious. "Don't worry Kalea, you're fine." Harry looked over and saw me just sitting there, looking hurt. I just nodded "I'm used to it... Sadly." "We'll that's not alright." Harry chimed in, seeming frustrated. "I'm alright. Like I said, I'm used to it." I repeated myself, reassuring Harry. I turned back to my food and tried to ignore the stares and almost silent whispers about me. 
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