The Academy

When Heather received her acceptance letter to The Academy, a business/arts school in England, she had no idea love would find her. That one love is Louis Tomlinson. When they bump into each other at the airport, things just keep getting better... or will they? Come with Heather on her journey to love, friendship, and drama with One Direction in college


4. The Fountain

When we were finished eating and people's attention was drawn away from the earlier events, we stood up at walked around the campus.

  I don't think I looked half that bad, but I think I still looked American.    I got some looks from people an I'm still confused at why.   Harry looked at them and tried to defend me.

It was nice of him, but I don't want people to think we're together. It might hurt that Katie girl and start rumors.  

College was and wasn't different from high school. I mean in high school I took algebra, and academic classes, but then I found out most of these people went to gifted and talent schools.   It makes me want to work harder than others.   

"What's your major?" I heard Niall chime in from the awkward silence.    "I'm a dancer. Have been since I was five." I proudly said, but not with too much pride.   

"Wow maybe if one day we become famous you can be one of our dancers." Zayn said happily. That caused Clarice to give him and me a death stare.  

"Babe, you're not a dancer, you're an actress. I'll always respect that." Zayn tried making matters better.   "Mhm." Clarice rolled her eyes.  

We passed by my dorm and I saw something in my mailbox.    "Hold on guys." I said walking away and fished in the metal box.   It was my schedule.  


Monday: dance skills 2:00-5:30

Tuesday: off day

Wednesday: hip hop and rhythm 10:00-1:30

Thursday:  liturgical dance 11:45-2:15

Friday: presentation days  


I examined my schedule and it was for the first semester. Presentation days were like exams, but since I'm in dance, we perform for a grade.   I thought about all the pressure that I'm about to be overcome with. Every Friday we're presenting?

Well I guess it's just time to step it up.   I rushed back over to the boys and Clarice. They were sitting on a nearby bench by a small fountain with pennies in it.   

Clarice was sitting on Zayn's lap and playing with her phone.   I could tell that the other boys didn't like Clarice. She didn't seem like a girl for Zayn. He was too nice and she was like that mean girl in high school that was worshipped.  

When I was waking towards them, I bumped into a girl carrying pens, notebooks, and a laptop.   Luckily, her laptop was in a carrying case strapped across her chest, but her notebooks and pens went flying.   "I'm so sorry!" I said, diving to pick up the pens before I got even more dirty looks.  

"No, I'm sorry, I'm so clumsy." She stumbled on her words.   "My names Kalea." I decided that this was a good conversation starter.   "Nice to meet you, my name's Leah." She put out her hand for me to shake. I shook it and smiled at her.  

"I'll see you around. I have to get to my dorm to check my schedule and begin some summer work. Nice to meet you Kalea." She said formally and walked away.   I waved in her direction and then resumed walking towards the boys and Clarice.  

"She's back." Clarice said, I could hear her and I think she meant for me to hear her. She again rolled her eyes and purses her lips.  

"I've made a new friend." I said proudly.   "Who?" Liam said, sounding excited. "A girl named Leah. She seems like a really nice girl and smart too." I said, still being proud of my accomplishment.   "Leah? Oh she's sweet and a nice friend. She majors in writing, and she likes to watch us play." Louis said happily and with agreement.  

We sat by the fountain while Niall and Liam plopped coins in the fountain. I felt awkward because I was new to these people.  

"Kalea, wanna make some wishes?" Niall called me over.    I walked over the the boys and Liam borrowed me a coin. I faced the fountain, ready to flick it in the water but then Louis spun me around.

  "What are you doing?" Louis said, while turning me.   "Making a wish! Why'd you turn me?" I asked, displeased.  

"Don't you know that you have to flip it over your right shoulder for it to come true?" Louis made me feel stupid.   I closed my eyes and squeezed the coin thinking about a wish. I decided to wish for friends because I'm a loner for now.

  I opened my eyes slowly and flipped it over my right shoulder and quickly turned around to see where it landed.   It had landed in the open palm of the statuette in the fountain.   

"How'd ya do that?" Niall was shocked and impressed.    "Luck I guess. Hope I can get some for the rest if this school year."   "I don't get why you're so worried about making friends. You already made 7!" Zayn said, pointing to everyone around the fountain.  

"Ah-hem" Clarice cleared her throat. And Zayn rolled his eyes, but facing the other way so she doesn't see him.   I looked at my watch and I had to get back to my dorm to organize my room and get ready for the dance tonight.  

"I'll see you guys tonight at the dance guys!" I said, walking towards my dorm.   As I walked away I heard a chime of "byes!"  

I got in my dorm and saw Paige sitting on her bed with a book in her hands and she seemed really into it so I left her alone.  

"So you've met the boys, I see." Paige said, not even looking up from her book.   "Boys?" I asked sounding confused.  

"You're lucky, they usually don't make new friends. They're the school's piece of gold at the moment. Everyone loves them and wishes to be their friend." Paige still never looked up from the pages.   "Maybe that explains the looks and whispers." I said under my breath while putting my sweatshirt on my desk chair.  

"I brought your books back. They're on your desk." She looked up from the book as she turned the page and pointed to my desk.  

"Thanks! Hey are you going to the dance tonight?" I asked.   "Yup, everyone goes, except the ones that choose to go out drinking and having their own parties." Paige returned to her book.  

"What should I wear?" I asked her as I was searching through my wardrobe that was received that I shipped to save money.  

"Wear something that isn't prom fancy, but says that you're chill and not looking for so much attention. People will talk about you if they see you want attention. They already saw you with the boys." Paige said, hopping off her bed and approaching my wardrobe.  

"Help." I asked, going through my dresses.

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