The Academy

When Heather received her acceptance letter to The Academy, a business/arts school in England, she had no idea love would find her. That one love is Louis Tomlinson. When they bump into each other at the airport, things just keep getting better... or will they? Come with Heather on her journey to love, friendship, and drama with One Direction in college


2. Orientation


"Hi." Every conversation has to start somewhere, right? So I started out with a simple, "hi". Louis flashed me a smile.


"Nice to see you again." Louis said, still smiling. "You too." I said as protocol. "Do you like your roommate?" Louis asked, picking up all my books.

 "she's alright. I can see she's a bookworm." I said, raising my eyebrows.

 "Paige Harper? Oh, she knows all the gossip and anything going on here on campus. She's quiet, but I can tell she keeps a lot inside."

 Louis said, as we both glanced at her carrying a huge pile of books that weighed at least 50 pounds.

 "Well are you coming to the welcome dance?" Louis asked. "The what?" I asked, I was really confused.

 "There's a welcome dance for everyone at the school, returning, or not. Are you going?" Louis said, handing me a flyer that he picked up from one of the club's tables.

 "Maybe. I just got here, I'm still a but anti-social." I said, laughing and his laugh following.

 I noticed that some girls were pointing at me and Louis and making weird faces at me. "Why are they staring?"   I asked, again sounding confused.

 "Well I'm kind of the popular kid here, I guess, and me talking to a freshman is weird I guess…" Louis said, sounding humble.

"Oh, okay, well I'm going back to my dorm. I'll talk to you later and maybe I'll see you at the dance." I said, waving the flyer he handed me.

 I walked away, thinking about tonight."Ready?" Paige pulled around in the golf cart ready to pick me up. Now I know why she brought the cart- to carry all her books.

 I hopped in the cart and soon we were at an assembly in one of the halls. The hall we entered had a sign on it that read, "Acting Hall."

 The hall was used for the larger things like plays and productions. She parked the cart in one of the small spaces in the grass and locked it up.

 "This is just a welcoming assembly, so don't be intimidated, half of the people here are newcomers."

 Paige reassured me. We walked in and I didn’t expect a sea of faces of all different nationalities.

 I heard different languages being spoken everywhere I turned and saw people on the large stage, lined up by a podium. Paige sat down in a seat towards the front, and directed me to sit next to her.

 I sat down and saw a white screen float down from the stage.

 A bright light was turned down and a presentation started. On the stage walked a woman who was dressed in what seemed would be a little schoolgirl.

 She had on what looked like a school uniform, but in a fashionable way. It looked nothing like the ones we had received. I got settled in my seat and comfortable.

 An uproar of clapping erupted in the auditorium and caused me to jump. This lady was too young to be teaching here, so why was everyone clapping?

 "Hello, class of 2013, 14, 15, and 16. The incoming freshman probably do not know who I am, and I'm here today to introduce myself."

 She looked around the auditorium and everyone was seated and now calm. "Okay, shall we begin? "My name is Clarice Pippa Forester. And I am a senior here, at The Academy. I am the one to come to if you have questions or need advice."

 From her tone of voice, she sounded like the 'popular' girl here who is only friends with the rich kids and has a lot of money. I doubt she'll even talk to me.

 Let alone look at me. She continued on, "I am a modeling major and I do some acting." She continued on bragging about her many talents that no one really cared about. "Psssssttt." I heard someone to my far right trying to get my attention.

 I scanned the rest of the row and saw a familiar face. I saw Louis sitting with 4 other boys that were messing with each other.

 They were making faces at Clarice and mocking her every word. "Are you going to the dance?" Louis mouthed the words and I surprisingly understood him. I started laughing, which made him smile a bit. An instructor scolded him for doing so and he turned around.

 I saw one sitting next to him slightly slap him on the arm for getting him in trouble. He had black hair and a quiff. The other ones weren't so bad looking either.

 One had brown moppy, curly hair, another blonde, nicely combed up hair with brown roots peeking out, and one with a brown buzz cut.

 I looked back at what Clarice was presenting and she was describing all of the classes, which here, are called "Halls."

 I'll be spending my time mostly in the Dance Hall. My uniform was a couple pairs of Capri yoga pants, and white t shirts with "The Academy" logo on it.

 I liked my uniform, it reassured me that I won't get weird looks if I wear the "wrong" thing. I made my attention back to the stage where Clarice was toying with the PowerPoint clicker and bragging about herself.

 "Well like I said, if you have any questions, you may ask me, or any of the friendly staff! Also, welcome freshmen! We will try and make these 4 years the best years of your life!" Clarice said a little too excitedly.

The first claps that were heard as she walked off the stage were heard from the one of the boys sitting next to Louis. He was the one with the black hair gelled up. 

 He let out a loud "whoo!" and she looked from behind the curtain at him and winked. I think they're together. 


I hope I get something like that.


Maybe it'll make this whole college thing a little better...

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