The Academy

When Heather received her acceptance letter to The Academy, a business/arts school in England, she had no idea love would find her. That one love is Louis Tomlinson. When they bump into each other at the airport, things just keep getting better... or will they? Come with Heather on her journey to love, friendship, and drama with One Direction in college


1. Acceptance


She slowly opened the envelope. Before doing so, she examined the front. Yup, right address, yup, right name. Sinead had dreamt about this moment for years to come. Even the walk to the mailbox was an anticipated walk. She had even practiced her walk, calm and cool, with a touch of no reason to be excited.


But it turned out to be equivalent to a horse's gallop and some hamster squeaks while running towards it. Now it was time. What if she didn’t get accepted? She eased open the envelope, trying not to tear it, and finally got it open as if it was never sealed. She slid out the letter and took one last deep breath.


That piece of paper held the fate for her in the next four years. "It's just a school." She said to herself trying to reassure her chances. There were so many aspiring actors that wished to go there. The Academy. That’s what she wanted for a while now. It began with an envelope. Grasping it, she began to open it.


Dear Heather Kalea Robinson & Parents,

First off, we would like to say that your testing scores were outstanding! Due to your high scores and overachievement in talent, we would be honored to welcome you to The Academy. We hope to see you in the fall at our beautiful campus in London, England. More information such as classes and schedules will be mailed to you if you wish to accept this letter. Please mail this acceptance letter to the return address with the bottom filled out. We will then rush your uniforms and supply list you need. Thank you and we are very happy to welcome you into The Academy.


Mrs. Alberta Hotenstein xx


Heather stood there in disbelief, with her mouth wide open in surprise. She had a feeling that she would make it into The Academy, but everyone had their doubts, right?


Well she was in, and nothing could bring her down now. She kissed the letter and ran upstairs to tell her mom. The Academy sent out letters only one month before move-ins, so that’s another reason why people can't attend; they already have backup college planned. Heather knew what she was in for and decided to take the plunge.


~One Month Later~


I packed everything in boxes and had it shipped to my dorm so I didn’t have to pay extra for the airfare. My mom agreed to come down with me to London, and to get situated. She thinks that I'm going to have trouble making friends because of my high school freshman year.


I had just moved to LA from Hawaii and I was still getting used to America. You would think that living in Hawaii would be something people love, but in my case, it was the opposite. I got shoved into lockers and made fun of when I asked if we had surfing as a club. The school was in LA! The surfing was amazing in LA


I guess I was just different. After a long plane ride, and listening to my ipod for almost 4 hours, then getting bored, the plane was landing. I set aside the dessert they gave us, that looked like it had fuzz on it.


I got off the plane with my carry-on and headed for the bag pick-up. I bumped into someone. "Hey, watch where you're going!" I said, without looking up. (bad habit).


"No, no, it's my fault, he said, helping me pick up my bags and application papers that flew everywhere. I then looked up. "Hi, my name's Louis, I'm so sorry for bumping into you." the boys said, flipping his hair.


He looked about 19 years old, and really cute. "It's fine, sorry for yelling at you." I said, brushing off my jeans. "Oh, you're not from here…" Louis said, recognizing my American accent.


"Yeah, I'm enrolling at The Academy." I said. "me too!" me and my four buddies are going together with our singing group. "That's fun. So uhm I kind of have to go, see you there." I said, walking away and grabbing my luggage.


"Who was that?" My mom asked, picking up her oversized bag."Just someone I bumped into. He'll be at The Academy." I said. "Oh, he seems nice."


My mom said, leading me to walk out with her. I just nodded my head to myself and a small smile grew on my face. Back in LA, I had some people like me, but it was always just the kids that weren't much in the school. I just wished someone that looked like Louis liked me. Well let's just hope for the best.


I arrived on campus, in the rental car my mom got and looked around. I've seen it in pictures, but they don't do it justice at all. It's gorgeous.


There are 12 different halls, dorms everywhere, lounges, even restaurants on campus!  My mom parked in the campus' parking lot and I carried boxes of things to my new dorm. I was directed by a councilor to the main office to get my key. I walked with my mom into this office that was beautiful.


As you walk in, there's a small fountain with Koi fish, then a granite desk with four, young, nicely dressed women on phones working. "Heather Kalea Robinson." I said to one of the ladies as she was hanging up her phone. "Room key?" She asked, sounding annoyed. "Yes." She handed me my key and said, "good luck" as she dropped it in my hand.


I got to the door of my dorm and used the key to enter. "Hey." a girl said, jetting out her hand, for me to shake it. "I'm your roommate this year, my name is Paige Harper."


I shook her hand. She explained some things about the Academy, since she is a sophomore, and have been at The Academy for a year now. After setting everything up such as putting sheets on my bed, setting things up on  my desk, and printing out my schedule, I got to talk to Paige for a while.


Paige is more of the quiet girl. She has a wide collection of books, and papers everywhere. After talking for about a half hour, she told me that we'd be having a welcome assembly.


I headed out of the dorm and told my mom that I'll see her tomorrow when she left for her hotel. I walked outside and Paige owns a golf cart because she's allowed to, because she's a sophomore and her parents bought it for her as a second-year present.


So she invited me to get in the cart. We went to one of the huge halls where the cafeteria is and we were directed to stations. Supply stations, uniform stations, and book stations.


We only wore uniforms on certain days, and I was okay with that. When I got to the book station, I gave the lady my schedule and she made a bunch of marks on it as she piled books next to me. "Here you go." she said, handing me the books all in a box.


"Than-." I was about to finish my sentence when someone bumped into me.


"Wow, I tend to do that a lot." said a familiar voice from the airport.

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