Remember me

Victoria had been going there for years it was just the Wendy house her farther had built for her down the alleyway. But sometimes things aren't always what they seem.


1. The house

I never believed in ghosts characters they were all fictional characters as far as i was concerned but my dear friend Dorothea had always believed in ghouls i told her she was silly until now.


Lillian new that something was watching her that day but said nothing. Early on a crisp winter day, 1880. There was a window next to Lillian's bed steamed up around the edges the snow was was falling in the front of the garden and the gate covered by bare trees there was someone who continuously walked up and down the front garden with a cloak over there head. It happened every morning the girl would shout things and scream on the floor, blood poring out her mouth. Lillian was scared even though she knew it was nothing. Slowly she got out of bed her porcelain china doll in one hand, and walked out of her room into the landing. She tensed up and her breath began to quiver she heard voices in the landing one woman with a peculiar voice said"we can't let it go on like this!" she said "she's scared of everything she see's! she carried on "She says there's some kind of dead  Victorian kid, the lady sounded as if she was talking to thin air! The voice began to sob "what if she is demented?!" "yeah you, to see you love, bye." At that moment Lillian realized, something was wrong.



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