Remember me

Victoria had been going there for years it was just the Wendy house her farther had built for her down the alleyway. But sometimes things aren't always what they seem.


2. Down the alleyway.

Lillian carried on down the hall trying to put it out of her mind and keeping her senses, but the words wurled round in her head. Her playhouse was not far now but to Lillian it felt like forever she skipped slowly down the alley still feeling a cold chill following her from behind she reached her dear little wendy house she noticed a figure inside watching her her from the steamed up window, every breath she took steaming up the window, the girl began to wipe words into the window with her finger your dead she wrote Lillian screwed up her eyes, and soon will i she carried on "no!" screamed Lillian screamed "You can't be.... i can't be" The girl nodded continously. "shut up shut up! Lillian decided that she had to be fearless, Lillian drew a deep breath and walked into the little white wendyhouse surrounded by thorns breathing heavily. there were three girls dressed in what Lillian thourght to be odd clothes and Lillian was almost certain that they all had american accents they were having a tea party but the girl from before carried on her stare at Lillian. Her cup dropped to the floor smashing into shards of pottery.Suddenly the girl reached out for Lillians doll. "Rose,Rose! she's here.....the dead one"said the girl "your so demented Sissy, such a freak there's no such thing as ghosts" the brown haired one spat. "I'm dead to, i've died before" trembled Sissy

"Then let me ask you a question" said the brown haired one began spitefully "how did you die?!" sissy's eyes welled up with tears, "The crash."





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