A tale about a stray cat lurking around the streets in winter. It may make you cry, but i'm not sure... :-/


1. This story has no chapters

On a frosty winters eve down Longcross Street, the ground is frozen with solid ice and the sky is shadowed with thin, alabaster clouds. The street is settled and the people are swallowed by the warmth of their homes. Nothing lurks in the glow of the moon, except from an emotionless little girl with ragged clothes and a haunting look in her eyes. Shivering, she drags her feet along the cracked stone pavement hobbling her way home. As she walks with her head hung upon her shoulders, she spots an ivory speck hiding behing a black binbag and dustbin down a murky alleyway. With her curiosity she approaches the source. Behind the dustbin hides a medium sized huddle of white hairs. Suddenly two enormous crystal blue eyes widen from the huddle. The little girl glues her fascinated eyes on, what appears to be a cat. The cat lays as still as a rock and glimpses up at the shivering girl. "Hey there? Are you lost little kitty?" asks the girl in a delighted and soothing manner. She kneels down to pet the ivory cat when she notices it's skinny frame and thin structure. The cats ribs curve around the side of it like protruding disks. "You poor thing, I must take you home where there is warmth and I will feed you with some roasted chicken." demands the little girl. She places her icy hands under the cats rigid and bony body and lifts him upto her chest. She covers its shivery white body with her rugged, draped clothes and leaves it's tiny, huge-eyed face popping out of her cloke. The cat darts it's eyes around at everything in sight and tweaking it's ears to the slightest sound of a bottle clashing on the cobbled road or a peice of newspaper swishing carelessly in the chilly breeze. The girls arms cradle the cat like a loose hammock drifting side to side. Her head sheilding his from the harsh, devious weather.

At the very end of a row of oldened detached houses on the right hand side of Longcross Street, stands a shady house. The windows fogged with frost and the door set on a steep and angled porched. The lights in the four windows flickered on the walls like dancing shimmers of amber fire. The little girl approches the door, still cradling the homeless cat, she suddenly gets a warm sensation running through her frozen body as she enters the house. Still adapting to the warmth of the house she creeps upto the staircase twisting her head towards her mother; who is lay on the couch infront of the crackling black and white tv in the living room. Hiding the cat away in her drapes, she hurries up the stairs as quick as a flash and dashes into her room, which is situated last door on the right at the top of the creaky wooden staircase. When in her room she places the white cat on the bed and rushes back to close the door. The little girls room is plain and dull. The floor is wooden and as brown as rust, the gaps between each floorboard send a breezy chill up from the darkness and into the little girls room. The wallpaper is colourless with a dense dust contents dragging down like hanging moss. On one of the dull walls hangs a crippled candle holder, bronze with no additional shine. It holds a half melted candle like a child holding an ice cream tilted to one side. The curtains are blood red weaved with the odd discoloured stitching in some places. The brightest light in the girls room is the eluminated glimmer of the enormous moon, the powerful glow lights up the whole room giving it a beautiful presence.

The girl sits down steadily on the bed next to the cat. "I hope you will warm up now. You sure are a gorgeous cat." The cat looks up at the girl with his tired eyes and weak body crouched. The cat begins to wobble over to the girl and rises its scrawny legs one by one onto the girls lap and snuggles upto her stomach. It purrs heavily sending vibrations down the girls fingers as she tickles his neck. Its eyes begin to close as it drifts off to sleep enjoying being loved like he had never before. "Since you will be living with me now, its only fair that I give you a name isn't it? So you are a girl, you are extremely beautiful and young. I think that it is only fair to call you something that really makes you stand out." The girl thinks for a few seconds anticipating to think of a name that matches the looks of the cat. "I know what to call you! I'll call you Cleo. Its an adorable name. Fit for any youthful beautie like you." The girl grins to herself exploring Cleo's mind as he sleeps deeply. As the girl and Cleo warm up in the warmth and company of each other, the girls mother awakens and rises her limp and restless body off the couch. Her eyes search the room and her nostrils quiver as she catches the scent of the cat in the house. "Anne!" She shouts with quite a vicious attitude. "Anne!" The painful noise of the mother bursts down the girls ears like furious thunder drumming in a storm. The girl gets up quickly off the bed and throws a quilted blanket over Cleo. As the girl leaps over to door it opens pushing her back and summoning a frantic blow of air at her. Her mother was stood at the door like statue blocking any possible gaps of light to shine through. "When did you get home?!" Askes the mother in an extremely unpleasant way. Her shoulders tense and her face drilled with fury. The girls body quivers and her head drops with unknowing thoughts. "Sorry mother I was tired so I came straight to bed. "Is that so, have you by any chance been messing with animals whilst you were out?" The girl twiddled her fingers behind her back nervously trying to define an answer with her mind that was filled with unrelating thoughts. Suddenly Cleo emerged out from under the blanket and looked at the girls mother with her clear pool blue eyes, she saw the mothers furious eyes drastically switch to her and begin to bulge with horror. The girls mother hated cats as if they were possessed by demons.

When the girl realised that her mother had seen inoccent white Cleo she sprinted infront of her and guarded her like fierce guard dog ready for serious action. The girls mother marched uncontrollably towards her and Cleo, her dramatic posture resembled a lion going in for the kill. "Please mother, let me keep her! She's calm and quiet and would never harm you, I will keep her in my room and you will never have see her! Please don't get rid of her mother, please!" Protested the girl in a pleading, powerless and provoking voice. Her mother yanked her arm and tossed her tiny torso like a block. "How dare you bring a cat into this house without my permission, letting it and its germs invade it like a cunning tornado!" Proclaimed the mother. She grabbed Cleo by her scruff and hurried rapidly down the stairs gripping whith intense power that her hand began to become painful. She kicked the door open with force and hurled Cleo out. Cleo landed face flat on the pavement, her body stuttered as she attempted to rise. Her nose bled with thick flowing blood and her legs struggled to walk. The girls mother glanced with an evil eye at Cleo and slammed the door shut. Upstairs the girl stood at her window with tears streaimg down her rosey cheaks. Her eyes followed Cleo tormentingly as she limped towards the dustbins at the side of the house. "I'm so sorry Cleo." she murmmered to herself in sorrow.

That night she stayed at her window hoping to find Cleo still there in the morning, her heart was torn from her chest and a firm rock was replaced. She awoke the next morning feeling delighted that the night of harsh lingering thoughts was over and she could go and check on Cleo. She ran swiftly down the stairs and unlocked the door, she couldnt wait to see Cleo and feed her some chicken whilst her mother was still in bed. That night it had been snowing, the ground was layered with an inch thich pale velvet snow and the air was penatrated with thick freezing fog that seemed like a transparent sheet. The girl wraped a blanket over her shoulders and went to the side of the house to find Cleo. "Cleo. Cleo. Come on kitty, you know I wont hurt you." When she slid round the corner of the house she saw a pool of frozen red blood leading to the dustbins, she quickly pranced over only to find Cleo lay in a neat ball sheltered under a fallen bin. Her fur was thin and as pale white as the twinkling snow. Her eyes were tight shut and her nose buried under the silky fur on her bony arm. The girl fell infront of her and shed tears like waterfalls splashing into the snow. "I just wish I could have saved you and seen your beautiful blue eyes one last time little girl. At least you no longer have to suffer this horrible cold. Sweet dreams Cleo." The girl stood to her feet and took one last look at Cleo, she wiped her tears and grasped her blanket. As she trecked back to her house, she turned her head to the noise of rattling and snow being crackled, it was Cleo walking towards her. The girl ran over and picked her frozen body up "Oh Cleo, Im so glad your alive!" She cuddled her with all her strength and jogged to the house to get some chicken.

The End

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