Two Girls and A World Of Zombies

Ruby and Crystal are the best of friends when the unthinkable happens a zombie apocalypse. There friendship gets tested to the extreme, they meet people they can't trust and discover untold secrets.


2. Lock and Load


Chapter 2: Lock and Load


18th July 2012

They had been up for a hour now, by this Ruby and Crystal had been up and ready and had got changed. They headed slowly downstairs Ruby went down first with the laptop in her hands protecting herself from any zombies. The area was clear Crystal closed every curtains so nobody so see in the house, she also grabbed the keys and locked every door except the back-door leading to the garden.

" You stay here, grab what you can find food, water, medical supplies and find anything which will be useful to us, stuff them into as many bags as you can, whilst you do that l will head home see if my family are there, if not I will come back with supplies also, got it?" Ruby explained.

"Got it " Crystal nervously answered back.

They both went their separate ways, Ruby sneaked into the garden and jumped over the fence which led to her house. She realised the back-door was open, her eyes dilated like a cat playing with string. She tip toed round the trampoline, she ran towards the door as she did she grabbed her pocket knife and opened it up, she entered the kitchen she smiled and sighed. Ruby watched every step she took, she checked every room it was all clear. She slowly walked up the stairs, she could things falling on the floor, Ruby was now being extra careful as she stepped on a stair it creaked. She froze and stop breathing, she heard noises coming from the bathroom, Ruby heart was in her mouth.

" A zombie versus a pen knife, not going to end well!" she whispered under her breath, she made the sign of cross and bashed the bathroom door open, only to see a blackbird near the window. She chuckled and took a deep breath. Ruby opened her bed room and at least 5 bags she filled one with clothes, she ran down stairs. One bag filled with food, another with water, since her mother was a nurse her family had a cupboard filled with medical supplies she chucked the stuff in a another bag. Ruby collected knifes and tennis bats as she was about to leave she headed to the loft.

A bang on the window it was Ruby, Crystal opened the door for her, Ruby placed the bags on the floor.

" What did you find?" Asked Crystal

"The usual stuff food, water, clothes, weapons" Replied Ruby

" I got my dad's BB gun's as a weapon and a baseball bat, What have you got?" Crystal questioned.

Ruby took something out her bag and lifted it over her shoulder's it was a pistol and a semi-automatic machine gun and a sledge hammer.

"So what's the plan then?"  Crystal interrupted

" I suggest we take the next door neighbours van it pretty big, and we look for our family" Ruby announced.

They placed the bags back on their shoulders and left Crystal's house by the back, they kicked down the fence that divided the houses, Ruby saw a figure that was a eating a body.

" Lock and Load!" Whispered Ruby into Crystal's ears. They charged at the figure. 

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