being me

blurb: feeling good about yourself is hard. You need to think about good things. this shows my journey to becoming me.


1. the start of finding self esteem

One thing I know is that it is hard to find self esteem. You have to look deep in your heart. I found self esteem. Finding it makes you realise you don't need to change yourself. One thing about self esteem is keeping it real. This means don't be someone else, be you and don't copy someone. here is a story about my journey of finding self esteem.

This story starts in year 3. I was unpopular kid with about 6 or 7 friends. I was called fat and laughed at. I felt sad. The main problem was the boys. They would always call me fat and laugh at me. 

Here is something I say about finding self esteem "Don't listen to other people. Just be your self. evantualy you can find self esteem. Listen to your self. Never give up"

I had a very good friend from year r to now when I am 10 years old in year 6. We will still be friends in secondary school even if we go diferent schools. She was also called names and I would stand up for her. She would make me feel good. 

Here is the start of me having self esteem. My school has a choir. In January year 3 I joined. I had discovered I had a great voice. I loved singing. I am still in the choir.

Here are some inspiring words "Join clubs to help you boost up self esteem. Make new friends. just make as many friends you can"

this is my first part of finding self esteem.



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