being me

blurb: feeling good about yourself is hard. You need to think about good things. this shows my journey to becoming me.


2. the 2nd part and last

My next part is how I evantually found self esteem.It was the begining of year 6, which was about a coupule of weeks ago,. It was the first day of term. We had come back to school after 6 weeks out of school. I couldn't wait to see my friends and talk to them. A new person was starting. She is now a good friend to me. It was assembly when they called out house captins. I couldn't believe it. I was chosen. This one of the most important jobs. Now I can forget the nasty comments. I can forget people pushing me. I now am happy.

It has been nice for Emily. She got picked for school council. She really enjoys it. She has fun going to meetings. 

I like being house captin. I get to organise house activities.I love it. 

Now I know I can try my dream. My dream is to become a professional singer. I am going to go on x factor. If I don't reach it I know I would have tried my best. 

Follow the tips in my story to then get self esteem. It won't be easy but try and see if you can find it. These tips can help anyone. This is actually how I found self esteem.

Here is one last tip "If you don't believe in your self you can't find self esteem. Follow your heart to find self esteem"

 This the end of my story.


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