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Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


29. Not Just One Thing

Missy's P.O.V

It's been a month since my parents came to live with us. I've been taking my mum to all of her appointments and the doctors say that she'll be cured in no time since they caught it early. Today I'm taking her to another appointment to schedule when she will be having it removed. I woke up that morning and put on (I know its the same hair every time but its the only one for that color) and met my mum and Sawyer out into the car. My dad would have watched her but he went golfing with the guys' dads. I pulled out of our long driveway and started to drive to the clinic. That was when I realized I hand't told my mom about Niall and I expecting our second child.

"Mum I have some news." I said keeping my focus on the road.

"Yes, what is it Missy?" She asked me glancing over at me through her big sunglasses.

"Well....Niall and I are expecting our second child and I find out what it is at my appointment tomorrow." 

"Oh my god sweetheart! That's amazing! I thought you looked a little," she cleared her throat. "Maybe just a little chubby."

"Gee thanks." I said laughing it off. After a few minutes we showed up at the tall building and parked. We walked into the lobby and you could tell it was über sterile.

"Hello. Are you here for an appointment?" the lady behind the front desk. She had red hair that was pulled into a bun and was wearing pretty much scrubs. She hadn't been here before, I could tell.

"Yea. Mrs. Lydia Hampton." my mum said.

"Ok. Thats room 104 on the 5th floor." she said handing us a clipboard. My mum signed the check in form and we went up to the room. In the elevator Sawyer was acting weird and just not like her happy, giggly self. She was just mute and clung to me not exploring everything. She didn't even make me let her look at the aquarium like she always does. Then I remembered what my mum had told me. 

When I was a baby it was like I could sense things. Not like spirits or that stuff I just got these feelings like something was telling me not to do something or that something wasn't right.

*ping* The elevator opened. We just stepped outside and went back to room 104 and waited for the doctor. About 2 minutes later she came in.

"Hello Lydia. Hello Missy."  she greeted us smiling.

"Hi." my mom said.

"Hello." I replied.

"Ok Mrs. Hampton. Since your last test and last scan we discovered something." Dr. Larex said.

"Yes?" My mom said.

"Mrs. Hampton, you have Ovarian Cancer. There is no possible way we can stop this. I'm so so sorry." she said.

I was totally shocked. Not two cancers in one. This is NOT happening!!!

My mom was so strong and she just looked at the doctor and asked her "How long?"

"Seven months if you're lucky." Dr. Larex said.

"Well I guess it's just my time. As long as I get to see my grandchild be born that's all that matters." she said.

After a little while longer of talking we just drove home. The car ride was silent and the radio wasn't even on.

As soon as I walked into the door I just laid Sawyer down for her nap, went to my room, and cried my eyes out. My mum must have heard me because after a minute of crying she was holding me, rocking me back and forth, singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot into my ear softly. Whenever I was sad and when I was a baby she would sing that to me. I needed this moment so much. 

My mom was a fighter and always fought for what she loved. If she got knocked down she would get up and fight. She fought like a girl. 

Niall came home really late from recording then he went out with the guys so I was asleep before he came home.

The next morning I just showered, pulled my hair into a high ponytail, and put on some jeans, a teal v-neck, and white flats. I went downstairs to find Niall sitting down eating breakfast with red puffy eyes. Before he could see me I went to my mom and asked her if she told him. She said she did so I just went back out to Niall and he just stood up and held me tight.

"This isn't happening." He said into my neck. I just kept silent, pulled away to look at him, and got a plate. After I ate Niall and I were headed off to the doctors to find out what we were having.

Author's Note!! 

Hey readers. Once I get to 30 chapters I will either be making a sequel or keep this one going. I will probably keep it going to get this one famous (my dream). Please please please please please help me out by commenting what the baby should be and give an example for the name. It would mean so much to me if you did. Keep up the comments and reading. I love all of my supporters and I hope you help spread the word of my fan fictions.  So comment for me?

    Much Love, Your author Gabigailreaction.

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