London Love

Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


4. Niall Before Missy

Niall's P.O.V.  (before and during plane)

I was hoping that maybe on THIS plane ride I'd find the girl of my dreams but after like 1,000+ plane rides you start to loose hope.  In my mind my dream girl had blonde hair, brown eyes (I'm so used to blue eyes), and NOT taller than me. Ever since we started as a band I've seen many beautiful girls but they were either crazy, bitchy, bipolar, or too perfect for me. Oh and not to mention they didn't just let loose and be themselves around me. To be honest I hate girls that do that. Not to mention I've always had a thing for American accents. I don't know why but they are just so cute!

"Flight 203 to London is now boarding. Flight 203 to London is now boarding." said the lady on the intercom.

"Ok guys that's us so come on and lets get on the plane." Paul, our manager/ body guard, said. We all grabbed the bags we were taking with us on the plane and walked down the ramp getting onto the plane. I caught the smallest glimpse of what (from the amount of time I saw her) was the most beautiful girl on this planet. She has long blonde hair. Check. She wasn't taller than me. Check. Now if I could just see her face and see her eyes I might fall in love with her. Once we got sat down in our seats I got a ton of food because I was starving. Harry sat next to me. 

"Hey wanna go explore the plane? Everyones asleep so we wont be bothering anyone." Harry said.

"Haha sure. I think I saw a girl but I doubt she's on this plane. But hey she could be in coach so lets go!" I adjusted my NY Yankees snapback and stood up. We were walking around our part of the plane while Harry did some perverted stuff to people but I tried not to laugh loudly and wake anyone up. Especially Paul. We peaked up through the curtain. And sitting there on her phone was the girl I saw in the airport.

"Oh my god Haz that's the girl from the airport. She's sex-ay. Haha well more beautiful than sexy but still damn she's breath taking." 

"Well then go talk to her!"

"No!!!!!!!" I whisper yelled

"Fine then" Harry said. He snatched the snapback off my head and ran through her section. I saw her head perk up and her eyes widen until Harry pushed me into her lap.

"Dude what the hell?!?!"

"Sorry you said she was sexy when we were peeking through the curtain!" Harry sassed at me.

Shit did he really just do that?!?!?!!? I apologized and she was fine with it. I was kinda surprised. She looked lonely so I decided I'd sit with her. After exchanging phone numbers and talking for a while we fell asleep together with her curled up to me. God she was an angel. 

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