London Love

Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


5. London

Missy's P.O.V.

"Come on Missy wake up!! We're in London love!!!! Omg I'm already getting a British accent. Wow this country changes a person." Renae said shaking me while Harry stands with her with his arm around her waist. Wow they bonded. I looked over and saw Niall still asleep. 

Leaning over I whispered in his ear, "Come on Nialler the plane landed and we're in London." Still asleep. So, I leaned over and kissed his cheek, saw him smirk then his eyes flutter open.

"Oh hello Missy. Sleep well?" He said in the hottest morning voice I've ever heard. I pulled my phone out and saw it was 4:26 a.m. Wow it was early.

"Come on Niall we gotta go. Paul's waiting. Not angry but waiting." Harry said. Renae kissed his cheek and waved at his while he went back to the rest of the guys.

"Well......I guess this is goodbye unless I text you, or you text me or." I said as Niall cut me off.

"Hey this isnt goodbye. Trust me. Oh and I'll text you soon. See ya around Missy." He kissed my forehead, smiled at me, and went to the guys looking back at me and waving.

"Come on girls. We gotta get our luggage and get to the flat so we can get settled in!" Mandie said to me and Renae.

With that Mandie, Renae, and I got our carry-ons, got our luggage, flagged down a cab, and arrived at our flat. It was an old fashioned looking place that was a cute, antique white with vines growing up it and was four stories. Rustic charm defiantly. The three of us got our bags, went up an elevator and I put the key in the lock turning it slowly.

"Ready guys?" I asked.

"Yep!" they said in unison, again. I opened the door and we ran in claiming our rooms. There was a spare we decided was our guest bedroom. After we were done with that we plopped onto the couch. The dining room, living room, and kitchen were mostly white with bright pops of green, blue, and purple. All our rooms had nice sized walk in closets but weren't massive (thank god cuz I hate massive closets like that). 

"This place is SO much better than anyplace in North Dakota" I said and we all agreed to it. *ping* My phone told me I had a text.

Nialler: Hey Missy :) was just wondering if you wanted to go to Nandos with me and the boys. They all want to meet you. Oh and your friends can come. 

Me: Sure! sounds great. they said yea so what time you wanna meet there?

Niall: 12:30?

Me: sure :)

We all went to our rooms and decided to take a nap then unpack. It took up an hour to unpack so it was about 7 a.m. when we finished that. We all seemed to collapse on our bed when we were done and I woke up at about 10. I ran to wake the other girls up so once we were all up we went to get ready. It took us 20 minutes to shower. (In separate ones of course) and 30 to do our hair, makeup, and get dressed. I decided to wear .  Mandie wore . And Renae wore . *ping*

Niall: We'll pick you up. Oh and not being a creeper you just told me where you were staying on the plane ;)

Me: Haha ok see ya soon :p

A/N: Hey guys thanks so much for reading this! the chapters are short ik but still glad you like it! Comment if you want to be in the story and give a short reason why! Youll see your name soon enough. Love you all :)



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