London Love

Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


19. It's a girl

Missy's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of food being cooked so I went out to the kitchen to see Niall in his boxers, shirtless, with an apron on that had powered sugar all over it. It was every girls dream.

"Hello beautiful." Niall said and kissed my cheek as I walked over to him. He was cooking french toast and bacon. Yummmmmm.

"Nothin just watching my sexy boyfriend cook for me." I replied smiling.

"Oh this isn't your food it's all mine. Nialler don't share food." He said. My face dropped. "I'm totally kidding babe this is for the both us of. Of should I say the three of us." He looked at my stomach and smiled.

I put my hand on my stomach and rubbed it. "Lets say three and is it done?" I asked.

"Yes my love." he said setting a plate down on the bar that connects to the counter right in front of me. It looked sooo good. I dug right in because I was starving and so did Niall. Once I finished I put my dishes in the sink, took a shower, and put on . Niall had on this usual dropped crotch jeans (white) and a back tshirt with a red hoodie and a snapback. He looked so cute. We got into a car that nobody would know was ours and drove to the doctors office for my appointment. Luckily our plan worked and we got there with ease. Once I signed in, once again I was sent back to my room only by a tall, skinny nurse with long brown hair in a bun. We waited there for about 5 minutes until Dr. Harken came in.

"Hello Missy. I see you've brought someone with you." the doctor said.

"Yea I have this is my boyfriend Niall. And of course he's the father." I said.

"Well hello Niall. I'm Dr. Harken." she said.

"Hi." Niall said.

"Ok well Ms. Hampton if you would just lay back with your shirt up we can see how the baby is doing." Dr. Harken said smiling. I laid back sliding my shirt up and the doctor did the same as last time putting lubricant on my stomach and rolling the thing around my stomach. Soon the monitor came to life and I could see the little baby that was in my tummy. Nialls eyes lit up and he held my hand.

"Ok so do you two want to know what your having?" Dr. Harken said. 

"Yes." Niall and I said in unison.

"You are having a girl." she said. Niall smiled big and kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear "She'll be beautiful just like her mom." that made my blush and I looked at him smiling. We talked to the doctor some more and Niall actually had some questions. Once the was done we done I signed out and Niall drove us to a place I've never seen.  

"Um Niall where are we?" I asked.

"Well you're like half way through and we know what we're having so lets just get the stuff now." Niall said having a really good point.

"You're right so come on!" I said. 

We walked in hand in hand and looked around. We decided that her room would be purple, green, and white. Purple for me, green for Niall, and white just to tie it together. We got a white rocking chair, a white wooden bed with purple and green bedding that had cute little frogs on it, a lacey bassinet with green ribbon, and a white and purple play pen. We decided to get the rest when the baby came or really close to my due date. While we were walking up to the register something caught Niall's eye and he picked up a little green frog that was really soft.

"When she's born she can sleep with it." he said with a soft smile on his face. When he said that I knew that he would be the perfect father even if he wasn't going to be here for some parts of her life. I put the frog in the cart and we checked out. I helped Niall put the stuff in the trunk and we drove back to my apartment. 

"So where is the baby going to sleep?" Niall asked. 

"We're going to turn the spare bedroom into the baby's room." I said back to him.

"Dammit! We forgot to pick up paint." Niall said kind of upset.

"Oh I'll just go grab some then." I replied.

"Ok babe." He kissed me really quick then I ran out to my car and went to the nearest place that sold paint. Once I got there I got two gallons of a color called La La Lavender and some tarp so the paint wouldn't get on the white wood.  I checked out, drove home, and opened the door to food spread out all over and all the guys with their girlfriends. Even Josh was over.

"Ok let me see the picture of that baby!" Eleanor said. 

I laughed, pulled the picture out, and handed it to her.

"She's so cute!" Renae said. 

"So what are you guys going to name her?" Josh questioned.

"We're going to name her once she's born." Niall replied answering for me.

"Not to sound rude but why are you guys over here?" I asked.

"Oh Niall texted us to help paint." Zayn said.

"Oh well first thank you Niall." I kissed him. "and second thanks all of you for coming over."

"Yea no problem." Lou said. "Now lets get to painting."

"Yea!" Liam said. 

"Ok ok here's the paint!" I said handing Harry the paint. They all ran into the baby's room and I heard a scream.

"Dude you just got paint in my hair!!" Zayn shouted. 

"Sorry! Man calm your pants! It's not like it won't wash out! Perrie please talk to your boyfriend and tell him its no big deal" Mandie said back.

Perrie laughed and came into the kitchen holding Zayn's hand. She wetted down a paper towel and started getting the paint of his hair. They were so cute together. Soon we were all painting with the music blaring and we were all jumping around while painting and screaming along with the radio.

When the D.J. started talking about the "News" we all froze.

"Rumor has it Niall Horan of One Direction's girlfriend is pregnant."

"What. Did. He. Just. Say." I said.

"How did they find out?" Josh asked.

Someone was going to die.

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