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Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


13. Home

Missy's P.O.V

*BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEP* My alarm clock jolted my up. I didn't see Niall anywhere. This is strange he's usually still fast asleep when I wake up. 

"Niall?" I shouted seeing if he was around. No reply. I got up looking around until I saw a pink heart shaped post it note on our refrigerator.

Good Morning Beautiful. I set your alarm clock so that you'd have time to eat and get ready before your flight. Meet me upstairs in Haz and Lou's flat? Love you Xx   -Niall

I smiled while reading it until he mentioned the flight. Tears sprung to my eyes and I let a few roll down my cheeks but blinked them back, slipped my slippers on, and jogged upstairs. I opened the door to the table being set with a massive amount of breakfast food. My mouth watered just looking at it.

"Hey Mimi!!!!" Liam said. Everyone started calling me by Mimi because they said it was fitting.

"Hey Li-," I yawned,"-am" I said.

"Hey sis come sit by me!" Mandie said patting the seat next to her. I walked over to her and sat down.

"There's my angel." Niall said coming up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from the chair and pecking me on the lips but ended up kind of making out.

"Save it for the airport you two!" Zayn said laughing. We pulled away has Harry walked over with a plate of bacon.

"Breakfast is served." Harry said setting it down. We all attacked the plates for food before it was all gone. After people had seconds all the food was gone.

"Well girls we had better go get ready." Renae said standing up.

"Yea we should." Mandie said.

"Ok you guys go and I'll be up in a sec." I said. We all got up clearing the table.

"Hey Nialler!" I yelled.

Niall's head turned my direction and he grinned at me. "Yes Mimi?" he said.

I pulled my hand back with a spoonful of jelly and launched it at him hitting him on his bare chest. "Oops we better go get that cleaned off you!" I said winking at him. I grabbed his hand and ran down to my flat, into my bathroom, we both stripped down, and got into the hot shower together. We didn't do anything involving sex we just took a shower together. Saving water ;).

We got out, dried off, and put our clothes on. I put on . Niall put on a green polo with dark-washed jeans and his white Adidas'. He looked so hot.

"Ok babe it's 10 so we better go. Meet us downstairs ok? I'll go get Liam and Harry." Niall said.

"Yea sure. But can you meet us here? We'll probably need help with our bags."

"Of course gorgeous." He said then ran out the door.

"Come on girls we're going!!!!!" I yelled so that they'd hear me. Ren and Mandie came into the living room looking absolutely perfect. Mandie had on , and Renae had on . We all ran ate some cereal to hold us over while we were waiting for our plane until all the guys came in.

"I'll miss you so much Mimi." Lou said pulling me into a huge bear hug. I felt safe in his arms but mainly because I knew he would protect me whenever he could.

"I'll miss you too Boobear." I said hugging back with my eyes tearing up. We pulled away and Zayn came up to me.

"I'll miss you way to much Missy. I hope everything goes ok back in North Dakota. If you ever want to talk just text me ok?" he said pulling me into a hug. Damn that boy smelled gooooood.

"I know Zayn and I'll miss you too" I said hugging back. 

"Ok well we better get going" Harry said clapping to get our attention.

"Yea he's right" Zayn said pulling away.

"See you guys in July." Mandie, Ren, and I said in unison.

"Bye." Lou and Zayn said looking pretty sad.

"Bye guys." I said. The six of us (Me, Niall, Liam, Mandie, Renae, and Harry) went down to the van and drove off to the airport. Once we showed up we were mobbed by fans.

"WHERES LOUIS AND ZAYN?!!?!?!?!?!?!" fans screamed. We stopped to take pictures with fans and Niall held my hand tight the whole time. I was asked by a ton of fans for pictures with me and for my autograph making me feel awesome. Most the fans even said that they saw my modeling pictures and I was amazing at it and of course some comments were the opposite. 

Security came out and got us to a private room while we waited for our flight. Niall and I were cuddling on the couch, Mandie was on Liam's lap scrolling through Twitter, and Harry and Renae were watching t.v. and holding hands. 

"Flight 106 to Wahpeton, North Dakota is now boarding. Flight 106 to Wahpeton, North Dakota is now boarding." the woman on the intercom said.

"Well that's us..." Renae said sadly. We all stood up and hugged each other tightly. Niall was the last to hug me and we kissed for about 15 seconds until Mandie "coughed" making us pull away.

"I guess this is it." Niall said holding me. I felt the tears come to my eyes and blinked them away. "Baby I'm going to miss you so dearly much. Please don't forget me back here in Europe." he said.

"I'm going to miss you so much more babe and I won't I just hope you don't forget me." I said and kissed him quickly.

"I won't I promise now you better go. I love you so so much baby" he said pulling away from our hug.

"I love you too babe." I said. 

"Bye Missy." he said. I could see him tearing up.

"Bye for now Niall." I said. With me, Mandie, and Renae walked onto the plane and found out seats (first class thanks to the guys), put our carry ons under our seats, and all closed our eyes putting our headphones on. 

I must have been sleeping for a long time because Mandie woke me up.

"We're home!!!!!!" They both squealed. I was home where my family was. Oh my god! MY MOM WAS PICKING US UP!!! I grabbed my carry on and walked off the plane. I looked around a little until I saw my mom standing there. We all ran over to her and gave her a massive hug.

"Oh my gosh I've missed you girls so much!!!" my mom said.

"I missed you too!" we said in unison. 

"Well lets go get your bags and go home. The whole family is there." she said. We walked to the baggage claim, grabbed our bags, and started walking to the car until we all heard like 4 girls scream.

"OH MY GOD ITS LIAM, HARRY, AND NIALLS GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!" they all yelled. Ohhhhhh shit no no no no no no no. Please leave me alone. They ran up to us. Oh nevermind too late.

"OMG can we have a picture with you guys and your autographs?!?!" they scream asked. 

"Haha yea sure loves!" Mandie said pulling a sharpie out. We all signed their notebooks and got the picture with them.

After that was done we went home which was about a 10 minute drive. Once we pulled into the driveway mine and Renae's whole family ran outside and they surrounded us. The first thing I knew my little cousins Jenna and Payton were tackling me. 

"Missy you're home!!!!!!!" Payton said. 

"Miss when do we get to meet the guys?!?!?!?!?!" Jenna yelled.

"Soon sweethearts." I said. I greeted my family, caught up with them, and went up to my room, changed into my "I <3 Niall Horan" pink and black t-shirt, black spandex, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and crawled into my comfy bed. I felt so protected because my room was FULL of 1D stuff but at the same time I missed them so much. Soon I fell asleep and was woken up by my phone going off. "So get out, get out, get outta my head and fall-" I picked my phone up seeing Niall's picture come up.

"Hey babe!!!! I miss you so much!" I said.

"I miss you so much more. Haha so what's up angel?" he said.

"Laying in bed talking to you. How about you?" I replied smiling.

"With Josh thinking about you and your perfect self." he said making me blush.

"Wanna Skype?" I asked.

"Hell yes!!" He said into the phone.

"Ok babe I'll get on now" i said turning my MacBook Air on.

"Ok bye babe" he said sounding sexual.

"Byyyyyyye." I said. We hung up and I got on seeing his picture pop up. I video called him and our faces both lit up when we say each other.

A/N: Hey sorry for the cut off I'll put it on later! Thanks for reading this. I seriously NEED you readers to comment your names. Please and thank you. Bye Loves :)

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