London Love

Hi. I'm Missy. I'm 18 turning 19 on July 14th. I live in a boring little town in North Dakota, graduated last year, and I'm still living with my parents. The only thing that gets me through the day is the hopes of me becoming a model and that I could someday at least meet One Direction. To be honest I'm a huge Directioner thanks to my best friend Renae. Read this to find out if my dreams come true!


25. Don't Go


Niall's P.O.V

  *ring ring* *ring ring* My phone went off waking me up. I answered it before Missy woke up. It was Paul.

  "Hello?" I said.  

"Ok Niall next week you leave for a six month tour." Paul said.  

My heart sank. That would be six months of Sawyer's life I would be missing out on. She could maybe start walking then, say her first word, or think that I left her mom. The number one thing I was worried about was that Missy would fall in love with someone else then Sawyer would totally forget about me.  

"Oh...ok then." I said.  

"Ok. You need to be at the airport by 10 in the morning on Thursday." He said.  

"Ok well is that all?" I asked.  

"Yea so goodbye." He replied. *beep* he hung up.

I just went into the living room, sat on the couch, and cried. I cried for everything that I possibly could. Leaving Missy. Leaving Sawyer. Not being around for 6 months of her life. All the hate I get. Everything.

I heard Sawyer wake up crying so I went into her room, picked her up, and held her. She nuzzled into my chest and quieted down. I took her into the kitchen, put her into her highchair, and gave her her breakfast. Missy walked in wearing one of my shirts and just smiled at me.  

"Good morning handsome." Missy said walking over and kissing me.    I kissed her back and pulled her into our room.  

"What is it babe?" she asked with concern in her eyes.  

"Babe I have to go on a a six month tour. I don't want to but I have to. I'm so sorry babe. I really am." I said.   I saw her eyes fill with tears.

"Oh....ok then. If you have to." she said. I pulled her into a big hug until we heard Sawyer cry. Missy went out to see what was happening. Sawyer had food all over her. We both just laughed.   

"Awwwwh Sawyer. Did you make a mess?" Missy said. She just smiled and giggled. Missy took her into the bathroom, filed the bathtub half way with water and bubble bath, then put Sawyer in. I was on my knees helping her but Sawyer had bubbles on top of her head with mini rubber ducks all around her. I took a picture and tweeted it saying "Bath time for Sawyer #bubblesandduckieseverywhere". Once she was all cleaned up Missy wrapped her into a towel, dried her off, and put her into a cute soccer jersey, tiny jeans, and put her hair in a white bow. She looked so adorable.  

Missy's P.O.V  

Niall was leaving for six months. When he told me I just wanted to break down and cry. We had just gotten married hours ago and he had to leave. We couldn't even go on our honeymoon. I had to stay strong for Sawyer so I didn't cry even though I was on the inside.   

*Thursday the next week*   Well...Niall was leaving today. I got up, took a shower, and put on then put my hair into a sophisticated bun.  

"You look beautiful." Niall said.   

"Thanks." I replied kissing him. I went to Sawyer's room, fed her with a bottle, and put her into a pink tshirt, denim jacket, and black pants with a pink headband. She looked so cute. I picked her up, went to the car, put her in the car seat, and went to help Niall with his bags. We put them in the back of our Range Rover and I got into the passenger seat with Niall driving.

We got to the airport an hour before his flight so I got out, got Sawyer out of her car seat, and we went into the airport being greeted by screaming fans, and half a dozen security. Sawyer started crying from all the sound so they instantly quieted down. Niall picked her up calming her down, and we saw all the other guys with their girlfriends. All the guys ran up to us and Harry took Sawyer, spun her around, and smiled at her. All the guys played with her but she stayed with Niall I most of the time. After 45 minutes they had to get onto their jet.

  "Goodbye baby." Niall said kissing me.  

"Bye babe. I'll miss you." I said.  

"I'll miss you too babe. I love you." He said.   

"I love you too."  

"Niall! Let's go!" Paul yelled.  

"Ok!" Niall yelled back. "I love you both so much and I'll think about you guys 24/7" he said kissing me then Sawyer's forehead. He turned around and started walking away.   

"Da-da." Sawyer said.  

"What?" Niall said turning around.  

"Da-da" she repeated. Niall ran back, spun her around, and held her super close.  

"Atleast I didn't miss her first words." He said smiling.  

"Niall! Now!" Paul yelled again.   

"Well I better go." Niall said.  

"Ok baby I'll miss you." I replied then kissed him.   Niall ran onto the jet and left Mandie, Renae, Eleanor, Perrie, Sawyer, and I standing there.   

Six months without Niall.

This is going to be interesting.

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