Love Triangle

Bella Rose Linken is 16 Years old and she's so in love with One Direction but she When she Go's to a House Party with Her Best Friend she Bumps in to 5 Beautiful Boys But They All Full in Love With Her Who Will She Fall In Love With?? Will The Boys Fall Out With each other.


1. The Party

Bella's Pov:OMG Rachel your so Dead i say to Rach she tells me we are going to a party and we only 16 well ok i'm kinda Bad Ass Rach Shouts Me Time to go i slip on my red short drees and red heels and i'm off 

Bella and Rachel Arrvie at the House ''Omg it is huge Rach''  ''I know right'' they walk in the door and Oh My Fucking God they see Louis,Liam.Niall,Harry and Zayn at the bar '

Bella's Pov:FUCK ONE DIRECTION my favourite boy band are here Harry come's towords me Hello he says Hi i say ''Whats your Name'' '' Bella Rose Linken''  ''mine is Harry'Nice to meet you Bella do you want to Dance'' Oh Sure i say we go to the dance floor and Little Things One Direction starts playing i sing to  myslef  

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if I do, 
It's you, 
Oh it's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things 

Harry's Pov: Bella Would you like to Dance i ask she takes my hand and dances with me then Little Things comes on then she starts singing it her voice is amazing god i think this girl is the one.

Bella's Pov: I keep dancing with Harry intill Darran comes up to and grabs me ''Get The Fuck Off Me'' ''Hey Hey no need to shout'' i tell Harry will be back in a min

Darren's Pov: i see bella oh god she looks hot she told me to get the fuck of her haha no way i would i get jealous  when my girl is with somone els i say I'm not your girl then she tugs away form me and runs off

Bella's Pov: I go find  Rachel we have to go now i say to her why She say's Darren is here Oh My God she say's we run to the door untill i hear Harry shout my name why you leaving so soon i have 2 go i dont really feel well I grab my phone and write my phone number down and give it  to Harry Call me Later i'll tell you we grab a cab and go home i grab i keys i'm shaking like mad Bella your safe now Rachel says oh Rachel your the best friend ever Thank You for being there for me all the time darren beat me up 

Rachel's Pov:Bella and i just left the party and we are in the house with hot chocco and sweets watching the notebook she got really scared when she saw him i hat to get her home before he did it agian.

her phone starts ringing 

Bella's pov: Phone call with Harry

Harry:hi Bella do you feel ok

Bella: No not really (Starts Crying) 

Harry:oh dont cry whats happed

Bella:(Sniffs) rm my ex boyfriend was at the party and the last time i saw him he pushed me down the steris  he's evil

Harry:Do you want me to come over

Bella: yes Please that would be nice my address is 4 warn road 

Harry:be there soon bye Harry hangs up the phone

Bella's Pov: I Tell Rach that Harry's comeing over ok she says i hear i knock on the door 

i open it and its Darren i Scream No!! he grabs me ''WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME'' Rachel shouts i'll call 999 get off her i dont care i have not finshed with her yet 

Harry's Pov: I hear some one Scream  get off her i rush down the road then i see someone pushing Bella out of the door i get out my car and grab Bella and punch him in the face and he run's off she rushes into my arms and she says Thank you in tears alright let's get you in she nods do u want to go to bed hun she just nods i pick her up and take her up stairs  and put her down on the bed and she says can you stay with me ok i lay down with her she wraps her arms around me then i kiss her on the head then she come's  closer then she kissis me on the Lips we start making out i ask her are you ready she nods she unsips my pands then i pull of her drees i pull down her panties and start fingering her she lets out a moan she scream's my name oh fuck she says then she starts rubbing my dick oh god bella fuck i say she gives me a blowJob just there baby i push her down on the bed i start rubbing my dick  against her clut she monas even louder.

Bella's pov: OMG AHH I Scream oh fuck right there Harry best sex after i fall asleep in her arms

Harry's Pov: I wake up to the smell of Pancakes  my favoite i walk down steris to see Rachel on the sofa she Smiles at me and winks at have fun last night she says bella hey and she throws a spoon at her brings the pancakes into the lounge mmm i dig in bestest pancakes ever.

Bella's pov:OMG he likes my pancakes i know i make the best Pancakes but i did not know that he will love them.

Rachel's pov: omg i hate it why dose she get everything i pertend that i'm ok with her and Harry but i'm not ok they had Sex for god sakes she knows he's my favorite out of the band god 

HarrysPov: I better phone the boys convo with Liam

Harry: Hey Liam 

Liam:Harry where have you been Paul thinks you have been kidnnpped 

Harry: I told Niall where i went didnt he not tell you

Liam:No he didnt

Harry: I'm at bella's 

Liam: oh ok will you be comeing back

Harry:i'll been there in 10 mins i'll have to go cya Liam

Liam:ok man bye 




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