My best friend

So its for the M factor contest but i hope you enjoy!


1. The announcement

So i was at the x-factor watching my BFF perform! she had always loved singing and since we were young wanted to be on x-factor.

tonight was the announcements, where we would see if she got through to the judges houses! i sat there nervously with some stranger who's son had entered, "I do hope our jimmy gets through! Are you here for anyone dear?" she asked, i nodded and she looked back at the stage as her son was on, he sang terribly!

i waited for an hour until it was announced, Jessica got through! she was in Tulisa's group! with some other girls (to be honest they weren't very good but they were alright)

when the show ended I rushed backstage with my pass flapping on my chest (i'd put it around my neck) and went to dressing room 8. There found Jessie there sobbing!

i rushed up to her, "Jess! Whats wrong! your through to Judges houses! surely your happy!" i said hugging her, she sniffed hard, "Its...That....I....Can't.....Take.....Many....People! Oh....Lily! Come...With....Me!!" she said between sobs, i hugged her harder, "Of course i will Jess! Im your best friend!

with this that beens i'm off to Hawaii baby!

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