CHASED FOR SAVING!!!!!! (1D fanfic)

Sami is a "15" year old girl. She lives with her parents in London. Her father,max, is a music producer that works with a wicked man named ,Alex, she doesn't like Alex, she never did and she tried her best to help her dad get rid of him, but her father seems to not believe a single word his daughter says . What happens when she finds a tape that might change her life for better/worse ? and maybe even put her in Danger ?!! read and find out <3xxx


2. Sneaking into the studio



Am telling you there is something weird about this guy and am going to find out what it is” I told my best friend Matt “just be careful kay? I don’t want you getting hurt cause I can’t live without my best friend” Matt told me, I just chuckled “How about you coming with me?” I asked him “you actually thought I was going to let you have all the fun to yourself?” he laughed. Matt Is just like me an adventurous and a trouble maker sometimes I feel that were twins but we don’t know about each other, he is “18” I know, I know old? Naaah a 10 year old kid is much more mature than him and *cough cough* me ehm…. So back to the subject. “So your coming? Yaaaaay” I screamed in joy, he chuckled at my response “ok so tonight 8:30 I’ll meet you near the park” I told him “okay dokey” was his answer “see ya mwaaah” I said through the phone “see ya love” he answered me, with that I hung up. I heard the door of the house being shut I jumped out of bed and ran out of my room “DAD!!!” I screamed while running to him and engulfing him with one of my famous hugs “Hello Sami love” he said after I backed away a little  “how was work?” I asked him while walking beside him “eeeh as usual paper work meeting you know?” he said “ oh no dad I actually don’t know cause I never tried it before you know” I said he looked at me and chuckled “ oh yes you did and in your first meeting you threw a cup full of water at the new song writer” he said still laughing at the memory “uh-uh that is not true the water cup jumped out of my grip and fell” I said with my hands on my chest now “yea right right” he said still laughing “will Sami I need some rest see you after a while sweetie” he said while yawning “see ya dad” and before I walk away I turned to him “oh dad?” I said “yes love?” wow dad looked really nocked out  “Alex said that the studio id closing early tonight” I told him waiting to his reaction “will…. That’s a little weird but anyways thank you love” he kissed me on the cheek and then went to his room. I sat and watched TV for 3 hours and when I looked at my watch “bloody hell I need to get ready” it was 6:40

I wore a Forever New Carrie Tribal Print Tee and a mustache ring with classic Toms and dyed the end of my hair  

My phone rang I checked the caller ID it was Matt, I smiled and answered “so, are you there yet?” I asked him. I was still sneaking down the stairs “yea am there, but where are you?” he was whispering “am on my way right now, why are you whispering?” I whispered back “I don’t know It feels like am in a movie” he whispered again “oh okay, see ya” “see ya” I managed to reach the door without anyone catching me.

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