CHASED FOR SAVING!!!!!! (1D fanfic)

Sami is a "15" year old girl. She lives with her parents in London. Her father,max, is a music producer that works with a wicked man named ,Alex, she doesn't like Alex, she never did and she tried her best to help her dad get rid of him, but her father seems to not believe a single word his daughter says . What happens when she finds a tape that might change her life for better/worse ? and maybe even put her in Danger ?!! read and find out <3xxx


1. Am not scared?!!

Sami P.O.V

Hi my name is Sami am "15" I  live with my parents in London. Am a lonely child which is no fun . My dad is a music  producer so yep am kinda rich, but am not a rich brat like some kids, I still try having a normal life. I have 3 best friends, Matt, Jake  and Jessica  We knew each other since we were kids. OK I know am boring you so am going to start see ya :D





“Sami dear” my mum called me from down stairs. “YES MUM?!!!”  I called “can you come here for a minute?” she asked “oh-uh” is all what I managed to breath you see they call me a trouble maker but it’s not my fault trouble comes to me *shrug shoulder*. I went down stairs “yes mum what I did now?” I looked up and found that my mother wasn’t alone, she was with Alex. “What do you want?!!!” I asked harshly but he deserved it “Sami behave” my mum said with the –I’ll ground you- look I rolled my eyes “fine so Alex what do you want now? An autograph?” I said. He smirked that innocent  smile but I can see through him he was such a wicked person. “Sami!!!!” my mum warned “no it’s ok Mrs. Parker she’s just a kid” he said “oh and you’re the mature one?” I said “I’ll just leave you two alone” my mum said sensing the awkwardness she backed away and left. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!!!” I asked as soon as mum left “oh calm down little Ms. Parker you don’t want me to cut that little tongue of yours now do you?” he smirked “huh?” I said “you’re a mad man you know that? I have no idea how they managed to get you in, I still don’t know what they see in you, you idiot” I spat then smirked satisfied with my answer  he came closer to me but I didn't move a bit I wasn't gonna show him that am weak 

 “Look you little brat you try to scrue my career I scrue your life got it?” he said “first of all why would you think I would get scared of you, you jerk your just a sick man second of all if YOU!!  Try to scrue my life am going to make your life miserable got it?”  he laughed at me “and what would stop me from doing that?” I smirked at him and soon his smirk faded and his lips turned into a thin line “oh I don’t know maybe sending some great photo’s to carry? Am sure she’ll like them specially that her husband was in it snugging some lady....hmmm....I still don’t know how she liked you" I said with a smirk still plastered  on my face. He moved away from me “try to do that and you will never see the sun light ever again” he said getting angry which made me feel happy. You see I have always tried making him angry but never seems to work but this times IT DID!!!! Yaaay.

I would let you do that” I laughed at the idea. He got closer “just try me and you’ll see” he said through gritted teeth which caused me to shiver but luckily he didn't seem to notice “oh please don’t hurt me am too wittle to die” I managed to say and acted like I was crying “NOW LEAVE!!!!!”  I spat he moved away and headed to the door , but he turned to me “ Tell your father that the studio is closing early tonight” he then walked away without another word. Will that was weird why would the studio be closed early tonight? Better leave it to detective Sami hehehe  

hope you guys liked it 



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