When a Knight Fell for a Thorn.

Dove, sister of the leader of The Red Thorns.
Strike, Second in command of The Knights Armour.
Two groups that hate each other.
Two people who meet.
Will their groups put their differences aside to let these two be friends or will it tear the groups apart?

(warning swearing in the story :D just to let you know...)


2. The Knight's Armour.

Strike: Second in command to The Knight's Armour. Very loyal but is a ladies man, he just has to look at them and they come drooling at his feet, his best friend is Laser the leader of The Knight's Armour. Age: 21.

Laser: Leader of The Knight's Armour. He takes no cheek from anyone and treats his members like family.He likes a girl from one of the groups in another town but wont admit it. Age: 22

Bow: Always wears a bow in her hair, and that's how she got her nickname.She ran away from home when she got kicked out of school. She handles all of the groups information, she helps collect money and makes deliveries. Age: 16

Ghost: Spy for The Knight's Armour.Hopes he will find out some information about the guys who killed his parents. He has a sister in the group called Jazzie, he doesn't talk a lot to her, but when a boy talks to her he gets protective. He likes to keep to himself. Age: 20

Jazzie: Ghosts sister. The only reason she is in the group is because her brother dragged her along in the search to get revenge for their parents death. She is dating L.M another member in the group but doesn't want her brother to know about their relationship because he gets over protective. Age: 17

L.M: Dating Jazzie, but doesn't want her brother to find out. He's the computer geek but is really good looking and no one would think he knew a bit about computers. His parents were controlling and wanted him to do a job he didn't like one bit so he left. Age: 18

Dusk: Master of disguise, makes the members look nothing like themselves when they need to, loves taking pictures so she can remember her life, everyone trusts her. Read a few medical books and can stitch someone up and remove broken glass or a bullet. I'm not a registered nurse but I wanted to be a nurse. Age: 19

Flame: Weapons expert and trains the newbies, He has a fascination with fire and burnt his house down. He blames his parents because they sat him in front of the fire when he was a kid and then he began to play with his dads lighter. Age: 21

The Knight's Armour have groups all over the country working for them. They hate The Red Thorns. All members of the group have a tattoo of a knights helmet to show what group they're from. No one leaves The Knight's Armour or they will be found and punished....

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