When a Knight Fell for a Thorn.

Dove, sister of the leader of The Red Thorns.
Strike, Second in command of The Knights Armour.
Two groups that hate each other.
Two people who meet.
Will their groups put their differences aside to let these two be friends or will it tear the groups apart?

(warning swearing in the story :D just to let you know...)


7. Chapter 5.

Ghost looked round and caught us looking at each other. He began to chant. “Love is in the air, Ohhhh, Love is in the air.” Over and over again. Strike groaned but I had to admit, Ghost had an alright voice on him. “When I asked for music I meant the radio.” He shrugged and continued to chant. “Shut up.” Strike moaned, rubbing his face with his hands. “It’s late, how much longer.”
“Five minutes, I would hate to take a cross country road trip with you man, you’re so grumpy.” Flame chuckled and ducked as Strike threw an empty bottle he found at his feet at him. “You missed.” Flame pointed out, rolling down his window as we pulled up to a gate in the middle of nowhere. Sitting outside the gate a few meters away was a voice box.

What kind of person puts a voice box in the middle of nowhere? Someone who’s crazy. He leaned out the window and pressed the button. There was a voice covered in static. “Who is it?” It chimed and Flame let out a long sigh. “The fricken Easter bunny, Tooth fairy and a few dozen of Santa clauses elf’s, who do you think it is open the fricken gate Dusk.” A tutting noise came from the metal box. “Well if that’s how you’re going to be Flame how about I just leave you to sit there all night and hope some rapists come along and take a chance, or you can climb the gate, even though it’s got a 40 volt wire at the top.”
I glanced along the top of the gate and there was a thin metal wire that ran along it. “Shut up Dusk now open the gate.” He demanded. “I don’t hear the magic word.”  I could just see a woman sitting twirling a key around her finger, a smug look on her face. “Dusk open the fucking gate it’s been a long night.” Ghost commented leaning closer to the window.

“Hey Ghost, nice to hear from you too, what’s that the first time you’ve talked to me in what, three days?” The voice questioned. “Stop messin about and open the gate!” L.M shouted towards the box. “Oh L.M’s there too, it’s just a big old party your having.” She laughed and all the boys rubbed their foreheads apart from Strike. He rolled down the window beside me, leaning over my body.
I could feel his body touching mine and it sent shivers through my whole body. “Hey Dusk it’s me, would you please open the gate.” He said and the person squealed. “Strike! You should have said I’ll just open the gate.” He laughed and sat back into his seat. This guy had everyone wrapped around his little finger; the others just stared blankly at him.

“Every time.” Flame muttered shaking his head. “Hey the word please can get you what you want; you’re just too arrogant to use it.” He commented as the gates began to creak open. “Still.” Flame muttered making me laugh. Strike looked at me in amusement. Maybe being kidnapped could be fun; I could find out information about The Knight’s Armour for my brother and be home for dinner. “You’re just a kiss ass Strike.” Ghost commented as we pulled up into a driveway. “If it wasn’t for me you all would still be sitting out there, arguing with Dusk to open the gate so, yeah I think you guys should be grateful”
“He has a point.” I inserted and Flame gave me an icy look as he helped me out of the car. “No one asked for your input.” He stated untying the ropes behind my back. I rubbed my hands and he began to walk away. “Hey Flame!” I yelled. He began to turn round. “What n-” I punched his face and he fell to the ground clutching his nose as I kicked him in the ribs. “Don’t call me Barbie doll or Honey again!” I shouted at him as Strike wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me inside while; L.M and Ghost went to Flames aid.

Strike closed the door behind him. “Good hand you got there.” He whispered into my ear before placing a light kiss onto my cheek, I pushed him away. “What are you doing?” I asked confused. “What?” He questioned and I looked at him, jaw nearly touching the ground. “You are a member of The Knight’s Armour! My group hate you!”
“I’m second in command actually, but who cares.” He shrugged and pulled me close. “Uh everyone in our groups.” I stated, throwing my hands in the air. I couldn’t believe this guy; he was still flirting with me. It made my blood boil. “Oh come on Dove, give up the act you’re not fooling anyone.” He moaned I went to protest when a girl with black hair and blue highlights came running in hugging Strike. “Hey Dusk.” He laughed, spinning her round then setting her down.

“Who’s this?” She questioned grinning at me. “I’m Dove.” I held my hand out and she shook it then pulled me in for a hug. “Nice to meet you.” She chimed, she was so nice! I instantly knew we would be friends, well that was if she wasn’t in The Knight’s Armour. The door flung open and Flame was walking in clutching his side, I couldn’t help but smirk. Dusk put her hands to her mouth to stop the gasp escaping, but it soon turned into a laugh. “Who-Do-Done this-to- to- you.” She said in-between her laughing fit. Strike laughed underneath his breath. “I did.” I took full responsibility for this and I don’t care who gets mad.

“I will get you back.” Flame threatened. “Oh I’m shaking in my designer heels.” I looked around. “Where are my heels?” I ask looking at Strike. “I don’t know you took them off when you decided to play chase with me.” He replied innocently. “Urgh!” I throw my hands at my sides and clench my hands into fists. “Calm down.” Strike puts a hand on my shoulder. “Get off.” I push his hand off. “Rejected.” L.M commented and I sent him a death glare. He backs down, knowing I could easily do to him, what I done to Flame. “Now since you kidnapped me...” I mentioned arching an eyebrow at all the boys. “You are responsible for me so where am I staying?” I ask, I was going to make their lives, living hell, apart from Dusk she seemed lovely.

“In my room.” Strike gives me a wicked grin. “Eh. No.” I point my finger at him. “She can stay in my room.” Dusk offers. “I wouldn’t Dusk, that Thorn has claws.” I laugh in amusement at Flames accusation. “I’m an angel.” I comment and Dusk stares. “You’re a Red Thorn?” She asks and I nod holding up my wrist so they could all see my tattoo. “Now that that’s established where am I going?” Dusk licks her lips nervously. “Offer still stands.” She shrugs her shoulder and I nod my head running a hand through my thick hair. “No way!” Strike hisses. “Strike your next door to me, Ghost and L.M are just down the corridor, she isn’t going to hurt me.” Dusk grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs, before another word can be said. 

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