When a Knight Fell for a Thorn.

Dove, sister of the leader of The Red Thorns.
Strike, Second in command of The Knights Armour.
Two groups that hate each other.
Two people who meet.
Will their groups put their differences aside to let these two be friends or will it tear the groups apart?

(warning swearing in the story :D just to let you know...)


5. Chapter 3.

I decided to relax for a few minutes while they drove me through the town, there were plenty of witnesses from the club who saw Strike leave with me and my brother would interrogate them all to get me back. I would be home, snuggled up with the gang on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie by tomorrow night, I was sure of it. I heard laughing coming from the front seat before Ghost turned around to L.M who was sitting in the back next to Strike. He had pushed me up against the window seat so he could be in-between me and L.M. “You owe me 20.” He said putting out his hand towards him.

L.M went into his pocket and pulled out a scrunched up ball and chucked it at him. I chuckled to myself. “Shut up.” L.M glared at me. “Be nice.” Strike hissed. “What was your bet anyway?” Strike adjusted himself in the leather seat to feel more comfortable. “Never mind.” L.M shook his head. “Come on share with the rest of the car.” I mocked him and he shot me a look that obviously meant I hate you. Ghost answered for him. “I bet him that little Barbie over here would be glued to your face by the time we got there, he thought otherwise thinking you wouldn’t have noticed her and have some other girl instead.” Ghost shrugged as if it was normal.

“Oi do NOT refer to me as Barbie again!” I growled and he shook his head amused. “Whatever, anyways I was right, I know this old dog too well, he can’t resist a pretty face when he sees one.” Ghost said bluntly. “And for some reason, they can’t resist him.” Flame added, making the car erupt into laughter apart from me and Strike. “Shut up.” Strike scowled as he thumped L.M on the back of the head. “What was that for?” He moaned. “For betting.” Strike smirked. “But Ghost done it too.” L.M’s mouth dropped. “So what he won the bet you didn’t.” Strike answered. “That makes no sense.” L.M complained but everyone began to ignore him, including me.

I saw that we were leaving the town. “Where are we going?” I asked looking out the window into darkness. “Base.” Flame answered. “Fuck you!” I snapped. Flame just smirked and turned around taking his eyes off the road. “I’m sure you would love to but I’m afraid you’re not my type honey.” I lunged forward for Strike to push me back into the seat again. “Drive Flame and shut up.” Flame grinned and turned around whispering something to Ghost. “What was that?” I raised an eyebrow leaning forward. “Oh never you worry your head, Barbie doll, about out talks.” I shook my head and leaned back, when I got out of these ropes and into a room I was going to punch that boy so hard he will wish he never met me. Then I’ll tell my brother and see what happens.

I muttered a few cruel words under my breath before fixing my gaze onto Strike. He looked pissed off, he had no reason to be, I was the one being kidnapped against my will and forced to go somewhere with three guys.He leaned over and whispered. “I’m sorry about this.” I looked at him in shock. “Don’t worry you will be fine, I’ll make sure your comfortable at the base.” Why was this jackass being nice to me? I snorted and turned away from him. I heard him sigh and mumble something before everything went quiet again and nobody talked.

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