When a Knight Fell for a Thorn.

Dove, sister of the leader of The Red Thorns.
Strike, Second in command of The Knights Armour.
Two groups that hate each other.
Two people who meet.
Will their groups put their differences aside to let these two be friends or will it tear the groups apart?

(warning swearing in the story :D just to let you know...)


4. Chapter 2.

We were interrupted by a guy clearing his throat, he looked around and scowled. There were two guys standing arms crossed looking at us. “L.M, Flame, what the fuck!” He growled and set me down, snaking his arm around my waist.

“Oh shut up Strike.” One with dark colored hair marched over and grabbed my wrist. “Get off her Flame!” He pulled me away from ‘Flame’ I guess his name was and put me behind him. Flame raised his hands as if to say he meant no harm and backed away a few steps. “I just want to see something.” He raised an eyebrow. “What?” Strike snapped, gripping my wrist protectively, like I need protected, and if he knew who I was I would be the one protecting him. I could feel my lips curling up into a smile as I glanced at the piece of ribbon I had tied around my wrist to hide my tattoo.

“Just want to make sure she isn’t who I think she is.” Flame said is slowly and went to grab my wrist again. This time Strike let him but I tried to jerk my hand away from him. He held it in a firm grasp and pulled the ribbon down. It revealed my tattoo that went round my wrist like a bracelet three times. It was a rose stalk with red thorns at the end in the middle of my wrist was a small rose flower. It was the mark that represented that I was from The Red Thorns gang.

“Ghost was right.” Flame looked back at the other guy I suspected was L.M.
Strike stared at my wrist in disbelief. “I thought she matched the picture.” L.M stated, nodding at Flame. “And just think lover boy over here would be the one flirting with her.” Flame sniggered. “You owe Ghost 20 bucks.” Flame mocked L.M. “Whatever just grab her.” L.M, pushed flame and grabbed one of my wrists. “Strike!” I yelled as he let go of my wrist. “Get him off me.” I made what I wanted him to do more obvious.

He just stared blankly at me. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked, kicking flame in the shin as he tied my hands behind my back with a rope. L.M shoved a sack on my head and I screamed. “STRIKE!” but there was no reply, but I felt someone’s hands on the top of my arms. “You’re a Red Thorn?” It was his voice; all I could see was blackness. “Yea! What does it fucking matter now get me out of this!” I demanded, but he just let me go.

“Not only that but she’s Ravens sister.” I heard someone say to my right. I turned trying to locate the voices owner. “Ghost what you doing here?” I heard Strike say. “Uhhh, showing this two dorks what to do.” God I was going to kill these dicks. “Hurry up and get her in the van.”  I heard another voice. “Don’t you dare!” I warned them.

“Shut up.” I heard a voice moan but I kept of shouting. “Knock her out someone!” I heard a voice say and I was thrown onto the floor. “Wait a minute.” I heard another voice but then there was a crack and I heard someone hit the floor. “You DONT hit girls!” It was Strikes voice. “Fuck! That’s not cool!” I’m guessing it was the guy on the ground and that he had been punched. “Let me out!” I screamed and Strike pulled the sack off my head. I could see L.M on the floor with a bleeding nose.

I looked up at Strike. “You dick!” I shouted at him and he smirked. “Don’t worry they won’t touch you, now come on.” He pulled me off the ground and pushed me into the back of a black van. Flame revved the engine before taking off down the road.

“My brother will kill you all!” I threatened them and they all chuckled. “Who are you guys anyway?” I asked, slightly pissed off, well I have the right they are kidnapping me. The guy I haven’t seen before, guessing he must be Ghost pulled up the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a tattoo of a knight’s helmet. “The Knight’s Armour.” I sighed out the words and shook my head. This was bad, very bad. 

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