When a Knight Fell for a Thorn.

Dove, sister of the leader of The Red Thorns.
Strike, Second in command of The Knights Armour.
Two groups that hate each other.
Two people who meet.
Will their groups put their differences aside to let these two be friends or will it tear the groups apart?

(warning swearing in the story :D just to let you know...)


3. Chapter 1.

I sat in the passenger’s seat of Ravens black SUV, I have been on a lot of missions but I always felt sick before. “Ok Dove just get in; act like you’re just a normal girl out partying. You know the guy your after.” Raven looked at me wide eyed, filled with worry, this is why I never let him take me to an assignment. “I know boss.”

I rolled my eyes and began to open the door when I feel his grip on my hand. “Please be safe Dove.” He kisses the back of my hand and I grin at him. “I always am.” He pulls me into a tight hug; he was the worst at saying goodbye, even if it was just for a few hours. “See you later ok.” He whispers into my hair. “See yah later.” I breathe out the words.

I climb from the car and close the door. I pat down my cream dress with black lace around the waist the material had a faint floral pattern. I run a hand through my hair when someone shrieks. “DOVE!” I turn around to see Toffee running towards me she is wearing a black dress with a fuchsia lace floral print covering the dress only showing hints of black. Her hair is hoisted up in a high messy bun, she looked stunning.

“Toffee.” I wrap my arms around her. “What you doing here?”
“I’m here to party with my favorite girl.” She gives me a high five and whispers in my ear “Raven is around the corner.” Then loops our arms together and we strut into the club ‘Sparks fly’.  My brother had to be awkward.

The club was packed, Toffee pushed past some drunks and onto the dance floor where she took my hand and twirled around. The club smelt of alcohol and sweat, not a good mix. Lights flash hitting off the dancing bodies of young crazy youths. This was a popular club for the college parties.

“I’m off to get some drinks!” Toffee shouted over the noise of the DJ. I continue to dance in the middle of the dance floor, searching for ‘Wizard’ the guy who owes money. Instead my eyes landed on a guy at the bar, he seemed to be staring at me.

He had a cheeky glint in his eye and I have to admit he was hot, and for some reason I forgot all about my assignment and couldn’t take my eyes off his. I decided t have some fun with this and slowly raised my hands over my head. I began to move my hips from side to side to the beat of the music. I smirked when I saw him tense; he got off the stool and headed straight towards me.

He reached me and I gave him a blind eye, turning away. “Hey gorgeous.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body. I lifted my eyes and looked over my shoulder and into his eyes. “That the best you got.” I tease and spin out of his grasp to stand in front of him. He smiles at me, his smile makes me want to just melt. Who is this stranger? For some reason I really want to know.
Toffee comes back with two plastic cups full of a red liquid.

“Here!” She called over the music. I took it from her grasp and took a sip. I scrunched up my face it tasted like cherry and was so sweet it tasted sour. “Sorry I think they gave me the wrong drinks but oh well.” She shrugged her shoulders taking a sip and screwing her face into a ball. I turned around to see the guy had vanished back over to the bar. “You found the guy you’re looking for this ‘Wizard’?” She asked looking hopeful. I shook my head and she sighed. “Well I’m going off to have a little look around.”
“Yeah yeah.” I waved my hand absently at her and walked to the bar.

I leaned against the bar next to the guy. “You got a name?” I asked bluntly and he smirked." Couldn't stay away.” He commented lifting an eyebrow. “That’s a weird name.” I looked around the club, giving him the impression I was getting bored. “It’s Strike, how bout you hot stuff you got a name?” I chuckled and took off in the direction of the door, perfectly aware that I had him on the hook.

I got outside of the club saying bye to the bouncer who gave me an unnerving smile. I took off my heels holding them in my right hand and ran to the corner. And as I suspected out came Strike, a few minutes after me.

He looked at me, a wicked smile on his face; I bit my lip attempting to tease him. I jogged round the corner when I saw him head in my direction. “Wait up!” He called but I ignored him and let out a childish laugh. I heard him chuckle, he was enjoying this. I found the alleyway and waited until he was a few meters away from me, before sprinting down into the darkness to the bottom where there was a single lit lamppost. I stopped there and he caught up with me.

“Your trouble aren’t you darling.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. “So do I get to know your name?” He looked me up and down waiting for me to answer. I leaned in close to his ear. “It’s Dove.” He pushed me up against the wall, it was damp from leaking pipes, we were at the back of a block of flats for college students to rent out so they weren’t top of the market flats. He put his hands either side of my head, leaned in close and placed a light kiss between my neck and shoulder.  I let out a barely noticeable whimper but I could feel him smile against my skin.

He stopped kissing my neck and looked at me, eyes full of lust. He licked his lips and planted a lust filled kiss onto my lips, he lifted my legs up and I wrapped them around his waist. He had my back pushed up against the wall as our tongues furiously fought for dominance. He won, but I wasn’t giving up. Dam this guy was persistent.

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