Girl Heart Boy; Sarah is betrayed by Ashley

Written for the competition; Sarah goes over to Joe's house to discover an unpleasant surprise from best friend Ashley and summer love Joe.


1. An unpleasant suprise


Joe’s hand gently caressed Ashleys soft brown hair as they lay together on the bed. His other hand picked slowly and methodically at the green wool of her jumper, brow furrowed in that gorgeous way it does when he’s concentrating on something. I weakened slightly at the knees; that look always had got me.

I continued to grip the side of the door, the whites of my knuckles beginning to show through as my anger intensified. It took every part of me not to march in there straight away and punch Joe right where it hurts, and Ashley to; just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she gets off lightly. But I restrained. I needed to think about this before going rushing in like a mad idiot.

‘You do realise this can’t go on for much longer Joe’ Ashley said as she rolled onto her front to face him, her big brown eyes at their puppy dog best. ‘It’s not fair on Sarah’.

Too right its not you little cow I felt like screaming. But instead I just watched motionless as Joe put a finger to Ashley’s lips, instantly putting a stop to any more words escaping her mouth.

‘We’ve talked about this babe. I like like me. Anyway what Sarah doesn’t know isn’t exactly going to hurt her, is it now’. He looked deeply into Ashley’s eyes as he said this, the formations of a cheeky grin appearing on his pale pink lips, before tilting his head to the familiar 45 degrees to the left so his mouth met hers. My head tilted slightly to the right as I watched, before I remembered it wasn’t me being kissed. Not this time.

Ashley leaned forward, as if by second nature and before long two people became one, as they pressed closely together, him moving her up the bed ever so slightly so their bodies matched. His hand slowly reached up to stroke her thigh before feeling its way up the small of her back and finally coming to rest nestled at the nape of her elegant neck.

I felt like id been punched, right there and then as I stood watching the two people who meant the most to me in the world, breaking the ultimate rules of friendship. You see it in films don’t you. The old, out of date wife looking on, as her husband replace’s her for a shinier, newer version. But never did I imagine it would hurt as much as it did. I mean id had my suspicions; Ashley sneaking around at school, always blowing me off for ‘root canal surgery’ and ‘family lunches’, acting guiltily whenever I asked her how her love life was going. But never in a million years did I expect this from who I thought was one of my closest friends. I guess what hurt the most was the fact I knew deep down Ashley didn’t really like Joe. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. I mean its Ashley for Christ’s sake, the girl who has the same amount of romance in her as a sack of potatoes. She was simply just using him, leading him on, playing with him in that ‘irresistible Ashley way’ which made the sting of the whole situation a whole lot worse.

I didn’t know what to do. As much as I fancied the conventional dramatic ‘bursting into the room in floods of tears’ approach, the thought of going back in there sent a wave of nausea all through me. The way he looked at Ashley, did that cheeky half smile I’d grown to know and trust so well, the way he cocked his head to one side when she said something silly, just like he did with me. It was all too much.

It was on those last few muses that I realised I could take it no longer.  I took a deep breath, sucking all the air, all the anger and rage I felt at Ashley and Joe deep into the depths of my lungs before pushing on the door as hard as I possibly could. I felt it all flow out of me again like one big waterfall of emotions as my hands hit the hard wood, and I savored the crashing noise the door made as it hit the pale pink wall, leaving a small chip in the otherwise perfect paintwork.

I spilled into the room a mess of tears, fury and lust and barely took into account the shocked faces of Joe and Ashley as they pulled apart, like two magnets of opposite orientations (turns out I did learn something in Mr. London’s physics class after all).

And as I stood, giving the most impressive death stare of all my life to these two ‘friends’ of mine as they sat awkwardly on the bed, Ashley making a deliberate effort to avoid my harsh gaze, I found myself in a weird way enjoying this feeling of superiority. Being the one in the right, the one with the power to split these two people up, both of whom the old Sarah would have once happily gone out of her way to impress. I always knew there was a power hungry part of me somewhere, just waiting to get out, and here she was. Not timid, complacent Sarah who lets life pass her by without the blink of an eyelid, but fiery dominant Sarah, who didn’t stand for anything that didn’t suit her. Certainly not this time.



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