Forever Young

They're best friends, always have been. But she has secrets that she hides underneath long sleeved sweaters. She has secrets that she hides behind back handed comments and the six strings of her guitar. She has secrets that she hides from her best friend.


3. Tea

I turned the tap on, an attempt to buy me more time. I pushed my sleeves up and ran my fingers under the cool water. It wasn't like it wasn't even that big a deal, I'd only lied about a pizza. Play it cool. 

I steadied my trembling hand and opened the bathroom door and slowly walked into the main sitting area of the bus. Niall was standing in the centre of the room, his shoulders squared and his arms crossed infront of his chest.

"Zo?" he asked, "why'd you lie?"

I took a deep breath, my mind racing, "uhm... coz I was feeling a little sick," my voice steadied as I became more confident in the lie, "I didn't want to worry you, you have a concert tonight..."

Niall narrowed his eyes, but he seemed to accept it and relaxed his stance, "you feeling better now?" he asked, "you wanna make me some tea or something?"

I nodded, "that'd be nice," I said not moving from the door way. Louis' gave me a suspicious look. I hate this. I'm a horrible person. My shoulders slumped and I sank to the floor, hugging my knees close to my chest. I closed my eyes, trying to block out my much too loud thoughts. He's my best friend, why couldn't I be honest with him? I mean in the past that's always been a sort of given. I was just so scared that he'd desert me if he found out how messed up I really was. And the fact was, that I really couldn't afford to risk that. It wasn't a possibility, not an option.

I froze as I felt an arm sneak around my shoulders. I looked up to a pair of worried green eyes. Harry.

"You 'right, love?" he asked softly.

I nodded slightly. But it was a lie. The third one I'd told today. I felt my stomach clench with guilt and worry. I just wanted to spill it all out.

Harry looked unconvinced, but smiled anyway, "well if you're okay, smile," he poked my cheek.

I giggled and grinned. Fake smiles: my speciality. Harry nodded in satisfaction and lent his head on my shoulder.

"When you're ready to talk about it, I'll be ready to listen," he murmured. I swallowed, my smile faltering. I guess I hadn't fooled him. Sometimes, though I just feel like I'm never going to be good enough for anyone or anything. Especially when I was practically living with five most gorgeous and talented guys in the world.

"Here you go," Niall said softly, sitting down on the other side of me. He handed me a large yellow mug, I instinctively cupped my hands around the warmth. "You feeling better?" he asked. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak without crying, and lent my head on his shoulder. He lifted his hand to the back of my head, and just held my head. His hand was warm and gentle and I felt a million times safer and a million times better. I put the tea down on the other side of Niall, just until it cooled down.

"Aww," I heard Louis coo, "group hug," he yelled, running over to us and jumping in top of Harry, who chuckled. Zayn and Liam followed close behind, and soon we were just a pile laughing bodies. God, I loved these idiots. I really didn't deserve them.

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