Forever Young

They're best friends, always have been. But she has secrets that she hides underneath long sleeved sweaters. She has secrets that she hides behind back handed comments and the six strings of her guitar. She has secrets that she hides from her best friend.


2. Pancakes

"You know," said Niall, taking a bite of his pancake, "you really should try some, Zo" he cut off a piece and poured chocolate sauce over it, "here," he said sticking his fork up to my face.

"You're offering me some of your food," I joked, wide eyed.

He laughed, "well it doesn't happen often so you'd better take advantage of it," he smiled.

But I couldn't eat it, "can't... I had like four slices of pizza with the boys earlier," I lied thinking of the the chocolate sauce and the cream and the milk. fat. fat. fat.

Niall shrugged and shoved it in his own mouth instead, a dollop of chocolate sauce dripping onto his chin. I giggled

He frowned, "what?" he asked, his mouth still full of pancake.

I chuckled, "you got a little..." I said, pointing to my chin.

"Oh," Niall said, sticking his tongue out and trying to reach it, but he could't,"

"Here," I said leaning forwards, and wiping it off with my thumb. My eyes met his blue ones, sparkling as always, "got it," I smiled, leaning back in my seat.

"You want anything to drink or something?" Niall asked, finishing his coke in one long gulp.

I shook my head, "really Niall, I'm fine"

He frowned, "this better not be something stupid like you don't feel comfortable with me paying for stuff, coz I really have plenty of money, paying for a three dollar drink really isn't any trouble"

I laughed, "that's not it, seriously, you can buy me a ferrari if you want."

"Now that would be a little bit of a problem," Niall said scraping the last of the sauce onto his spoon and quickly shoving it in his mouth. He dropped the spoon with a clank, "come on, we'd better get going, I got sound check soon," I nodded and grabbed my coat from the seat next to me. Niall left some cash on the table next to his plate and we left.


Shortly after we walked into the tour bus, Louis, Harry and Zayn were watching TV and I could just make out the sound of somebody in kitchen, presumably Liam. "Gotta use the bathroom," I said, dodging past a couple of suitcases to the small bathroom. I locked myself in and took a couple of deep breaths and as soon as my breathing quietened I could just make out the boys talking.

"The chicken's almost done!" I heard Liam call.

"Great," Louis said, "I'm starving."

I heard Niall laugh, "didn't you guys already eat?"

"No," Harry said, "why would you think that?"

Someone turned the TV off and suddenly the voices were a lot clearer, "well," said Niall, "Zoe said you guys had pizza,"

It was silent for a second, "I don't think we've seen Zoe all day," Zayn said.

"But she said..." and I could hear the confusion in Niall's voice, bordering pain. Shit. Shit. Shit

"Well," said Harry, "I haven't had any pizza today..."

I groaned and lent against the sink. I was so screwed.

"Zoe?" Niall called.

"Just a sec!" I replied, trying to sound calm.

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