Forever Young

They're best friends, always have been. But she has secrets that she hides underneath long sleeved sweaters. She has secrets that she hides behind back handed comments and the six strings of her guitar. She has secrets that she hides from her best friend.


1. Zoe Moore.

I'm Zoe. I'm from Ireland. Mullingar, to be exact. Niall is my best friend, I've known him my entire life. He is the single most important person to me, I will defend him with my life.

I'm with One Direction on their world tour at the moment. I'm pretty sure we're in New Orleans. It's pretty crazy, so it's hard to keep track of where we are.

I have red hair and brown eyes. I probably wear too much makeup, but I like that I can hide behind it. My family's a little dysfunctional, but then again who's isn't it.

Niall taught me how to play guitar and bought me a little dark green one, it's definitely my second best friend.

The boys are a little insane, as you might expect. They're just like regular teenage guys, except they're better looking and much more talented and much sweeter and much crazier.

I don't really know all that much about anything really, I guess I know that generally the saddest people are the funniest and have the most beautiful smiles. And that even best friends keep secrets from each other.

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