A Quest of Love

This is a story for the RuneScape competition. It will feature my RuneScape character, as well as a couple of my friends. It is a story about a quest I've made up using only the places and NPCs on RuneScape.

Hope you enjoy it!


1. Something Strange 1/1

"Oh my goodness, Krypto6661! There is, like, a totally new quest for us to play!" My birdbrained friend, Superhuman18, blathered on.


"I didn't see any new quest. I don't think you're right." I lunged my newly acquired rune long sword through the warped rat I was fighting and watched it die. I picked up its coins and bones before speaking again. "I read all the bulletins, there was nothing about a new quest."She pouted in the corner as the rats she was supposed to be training on milled about. "Stop pouting and fight, or I'm leaving!" 


She lifted her iron sword and fought halfheartedly against the rats in the Lumbridge Catacombs. As she fought, so did I, raising my medium levels slowly. Suddenly, a shadow pigeon flew over my head. "Oooh, a private message, who's it from? Lichweasel?" My blush deepened and I tore open the letter. 

"Hey baby, there is a new quest out, its called 'A Quest of Love'. If you want to do it with me, I have all the things you'll need." I scribbled out a response that agreed with him and handed it back to the shadow pigeon. Shadow pigeons flew all over Gielinor and delivered private messages between people. It seemed like a sad life to me, but they can go wherever and see everything, so it can't be too bad.


"Okay, you were right Super. There is a new quest. I'm off to go attempt it with lichweasel. See you in a later."


"In a while! Be careful!" I barely got her goodbye as my home teleport spell to Varrock had completed, but I heard her none the less. 


After arriving I hopped off the loadstone and waited. Lichweasel would arrive shortly, this was our meeting spot we had agreed on. As I thought about it, he popped up beside me, also choosing the loadstone network as a way to travel.


"Hey cutie." He smiled and I blushed under my armor. "Follow me, I'll give you stuff as you need it." I followed him as we ran down towards the center of Varrock. We stopped at the gypsy tent that faced the center fountain. "Go talk to her, I already did." 


I walked inside and spoke with the gypsy. She asked for more help, that could only be completed by two. They had to be male and female. They had to be close. I agreed and told her of my partner, to which she was pleased. "Go now," she said. "Follow the quest of love."


I walked back out to lichweasel. "Do you know where to go form here?" He nodded and I followed him again. We traveled, running, all the way to Falador. 


"We have to speak with Sir Amik Varze. I'll go first." We continued the run in silence and I told myself we were just working together, nothing romantic, even though it is "A Quest of Love". 


Finally, after passing through Barbarian Village and traveling around the Ice Mountain, we made it to Falador. At the gate the guards were being slaughtered by two or three people at times. Now that is a terrible job.


"Alright, come on." We walked into the court of the White Knights. Here, they were also being killed. I tried not to look and resisted the urge to pick up what no one else did. Fifteen coins here, water runes there. So many different items littered the court, but lichweasel pulled me along again.


We entered the castle through the door to the west. Sir Amik Varze was just two flights up. "As I said Krypto, I'll go first, then you can. Be right back." He left me in the room with a lone White Knight. 'Well,' I thought, 'Might as well train a bit.' 


By the time he came back, I had killed three knights. They just kept replacing them. My strength was slowly increasing with each kill, but was still far from another level.


"Go on up, he is waiting for you." I did as told and sure enough, when I spoke to him, Sir Amik Varze greeted me happily. 


"This quest can be dangerous. It will test everything you know. Are you ready?" Once I accepted he patted me on the back and sent me back down to my partner. I was beginning to see a pattern. Only lichweasel was getting information. I was just talking to make sure they knew of my progress. I still had to complete the steps.


"Come on, next we have to go into a dungeon. It dark, take this." Lichweasel handed me a light source, an unlit candle lantern, and with a spark from my tinderbox I lit it. 


We continued on, going all the way to Rimmington, south of Falador. I saw the dungeon right away. It was a large hole in the center of the town. The townspeople were gathered, seemingly wondering why it was there. Lichweasel pushed right past them and practically jumped to the bottom of the hole, which I had to follow. 


Falling was a fear of my and I hoped he was going to catch me, as cheesy as it sounds. I may be in full rune armor, but it would still hurt to have just jumped into a hole. 


Before I knew it, strong arms caught me and I was lowered to my feet. "Hold out the lantern, lets go." He led us down a passage way and every step we took lit the walls in a red glow. As if something knew we were coming. 


The tunnel winded left, then right, then left again. Finally to the end, was a heart-shaped archway that opened into a large room, fully furnished like a restaurant. "Lich, what is this?" He didn't answer and pulled out a chair, but instead of sitting, he motioned for me. Only after I sat did he move to the other chair and sit down. 


"Krypto, I'm in love with you. You're new to Gielinor, but you're strong and determined. You've made incredibly progress and I admire you. I set this whole thing up. I wanted something sweet to tell you. Will you be my girl?"


I nodded, and he reached for my hand, but the walls shook. A giant, white beast with razor fangs smashed through the east wall. I'd never seen it before in my life. I'd never heard of anything like it in lore. It was so massive, so angry. When it roared, the walls shook. My grip on my long sword tightened. 


Though I wasn't as strong as him, I stood at his side with my weapon raised. "What are you doing? Get out of here!" He tried to push me away, but instead of retreating, I landed the first blow to the beast. 


The monster let me hit him three more times before he swatted me away, literally. I hit the table and shattered it. I heard the beast roaring more, but I was in a daze, then lichweasel was beside me, laying on his back. It got him too. 


"We have to go together. Are you ready?" His daze wore off quicker than mine and he nodded. We jumped up together and charged. We worked as a team, slashing and blocking, protecting each other. I'd never fought with someone so strong, he landed every hit, dealing massive damage. 


When the creature finally fell over defeated, I also slumped over. I knew now more than ever that I felt the same way about lichweasel. "Look, it dropped notes, and other goodies." Lich grabbed the items and passed them over to me, along with a couple lobsters to heal my wounds. With our spoils in hand, we just sat together basking in our momentous accomplishment. Nothing brings people together like killing a massive underground beast.

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