Never forget me

When 17 year old Caroline Parker moves to Holmes Chapel, she thinks that it will be beyond boring. She meets Jessica and she is proven very wrong...


8. Why?

Caroline's P.O.V

-"Caroline can I speak with you for a moment?" I look at Harry and he he nods approving. I get up from the couch and follow Liam upstairs. He turns around and looks at me.

-"What's up, Liam?" I ask smiling. He looks don't and doesn't answer. "Anything wrong?"

-"Uuh, i just want to sat that... that..."

-"That what?"

-"That I really like you?" he finally says.

-"How should I understand this?"

-"I really like you. And I think that you would me much better with me." he says.

-"Liam... I can't be with you. I'm with Harry now, and I really, really like him. I hope you understand." I answer in shock of what he just said.

-"But Caroline, he's only using you." he says leaning in. "He wants to get someone's attention." Before I know it his lips touch mine. I must admit that there were a few sparks. But it was NOTHING compared to what I felt when Harry kissed me.

-"WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM LIAM!!!!!?!?!???!??!?!?" I shout and slap him across the cheek. I rush downstairs and find Harry with his head in his hands. He looks up at me and I see that he is crying.

-"You saw it... didn't you?" I whisper. He nods crying even more. I feel tears streaming down my face. Why? Why did this have to happen to me? 

-"Harry... I-" 

-"Don't say it. I know it wasn't your fault, but it still hurt. I just got you... and then by best mate has to ruin it." He says, his voice still shaking after crying. "I just want you know, Caroline, that I love you." I couldn't help but smile. Because those three words, three syllables, eight letters are what I wanted to hear from him the first time someone said it to me.

-"Wow... do you mean it? 'Cause Liam told me something, that I don't hope is true, but could be." I say.

-"What did Liam say? That I was only using you for a one night stand?" he shouts back at me.

-"NO. NO. NO. NO. He said that you were using me to make someone else jealous!" when I say it he immediately looks at his feet. "Is it true??? Huh? Is it? Are you really using me? 'Cause if you are, then I'm outta here. RIGHT NOW, OKAY???? Answer me, Harry!!!!!" I shout while crying my eyes out.

-"NO, CAROLINE! Of course it isn't true! I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you! Please belive me?" he answers calmly. I look him in the eyes, oh those beautiful green eyes. In them I see pain... oh gosh, he really does love me.

-"I believe you and... I love you, too." I answer blushing a bit. "I'm just gonna go upstairs, kay?"

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe it! Liam told Caroline that I was using her. How could he? He's just jealous! I look up and see Liam walking down the stairs, smirking.

-"I can't believe you... you told my GIRLFRIEND that I was using her. AND you kissed her aswell. What is wrong with you? I have finally found the right girl. And you want to ruin it for me? C'mon man!" I say.  

-"You know what? Tomorrow is Monday... and there is drama. We are doing a play, and Caroline tried out for the lead girl role. Guess what? I tried out for the lead guy role. If we both get chosen, I get to kiss her. more than once actually..." I shoot him an evil look and walk upstairs and into Caroline's room. I hear that she is taking a shower, so I sit on the bed and wait. Soon, the water stops running and Caroline steps out of the bathroom, looking sexy as ever, with only a towel covering her.

-"Oh my god Harry what are you doing? You gave me a fright!" she says laughing. I get up and walk over to her, take her hand and lay her down on the bed. I hover over her and look into her beautiful blue eyes. I slowly lean in and kiss her soft lips. 

-"May I take a peek?" I ask seductively tugging softly at the edge of the towel. 

-"You certainly may not." she answers giggling at my lame attemt. "I need to get changed, move..." I smirk at her but eventually move.

-"You don't need to get changed you know? You look fine..." I say.

-"That's funny, Styles! Now, shoo... I need to get changed." I look at her smiling.

-"Why, babe? I'm gonna see you naked anyway..."

-"Eew, Harry!! You're such a pervert! Go away!" she shouts laughing. I walk out chuckling at her comment!

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