Never forget me

When 17 year old Caroline Parker moves to Holmes Chapel, she thinks that it will be beyond boring. She meets Jessica and she is proven very wrong...


3. Uuuh, it's my first day...

Caroline's P.O.V

-"So what do you think about Harry, i see that you've been talking to him quite a bit...?" Asks Jessica

-"Uuh, it's my first day... i don't really know, he seems nice!"

-"Ok... whatever you say." she says with a smirk on her face

-"Fine, you win. He's quite, no wait, VERY good looking."I answer. Whenever i think about him i smile. I think i might be falling for him...

-"Really... See that girl over there." She says and points to a girl with long, straight and black hair. "Thats Rachel. She has the biggest crush on Harry and she would do anything, and i mean EVERYTHING to get him."

-"Oh... Is she like the 'popoular' girl or something?" I ask suprised of what she just told me.

-"Well, i guess you could call her that, but then you would have to call Harry popular aswell. You know that Harry is in that band called One Direction... I think that's why Rachel likes him. You know for the fame."

That's where I've seen him before. He's Harry Styles... How could i be so stupid!! And Liam... He's Liam Payne. Oh my carrots... two band members in 1 day this is weird.

Harry's P.O.V

Caroline... she's so beautiful. The ways her blue eyes shine when she smiles, and her smile, oh that smile. The way her dirty blond hair falls down her back is just amazing. I'm in my own thoughts, so I don't notice that Rachel comes up to me.

-"Hey Harry! How's my favorite rockstar doing?" she askes. God I hate her. All she does is bug all the time.

-"I'm fine, I guess." I mumble. The only person I want to talk to at the moment is Caroline.

-"I'll see you around." she says.

I turn to face my friends Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. They can tell that somethings on my mind.

-"Harry whats up? Is something bothering you?" Liam asks concerned

-"It's just Rachel that's a pain in the ass. And... uh, nothing." I answer 

-"Harry... Oh, it's a girl isn't it?" Niall says

-"No, yes, no... yes." I say. I could feel myself blushing

-"Aaawe! Harry's in love!" Louis shouts "Who is it? Do we know her?"

-"Shut up Lou! Her name is Caroline, and you don't know her. She just moved here from Copenhagen. She's sitting three tables behind us. She's the one with the dirty blond hair."

They all immediatly start staring at Caroline. I turn around and Caroline blushes and looks back down.

-"I know her. She's in my maths class." Liam says

Caroline's P.O.V

When i saw Rachel walk up to Harry my heart sank. I wouldn't be able to compete with her. She's so fit and pretty. Not like me I'm just- my thoughts were interrupted by Jessica.

"One Direction is staring at you." I look up and see all 5 boys staring at me and i blush. I quickly look down hoping noone noticed.

Jessica's P.O.V

*After school*

-"Caroline!" I shout "Come here!" she runs over to me and I introduce her to my friend Christina.

-"Hi, I'm Christina! So, I guess you're the one that has a crush on Harry. Don't worry, you'll beat Rachel. She's a bitch."






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