Never forget me

When 17 year old Caroline Parker moves to Holmes Chapel, she thinks that it will be beyond boring. She meets Jessica and she is proven very wrong...


10. Trying to forgive

Caroline's P.O.V.

What a prick. He kissed me and made Harry watch... That's sickening. Seriously! Who does that to his best friend? Well apparently Liam does. I think I'm going to drop out of the play. The whole Harry loves me, Liam loves me, me in between. it's just too much to handle.

-"Mrs. Johnson, I would like to ask you something." I say nervously. She looks at me and smiles.

-"Go on dear." she says smiling. i start fiddling with my thumbs. (Mrs. Johnson is quite old.).

-"I-I, I would just like to say to say that I am dropping out of the play." She looks at me again.thsi tim her eyes full of confusion. 

-"Oh no! That's terrible! Why, dear? Why?" she asks. I hesitate before I answer.

-"Liam knew that I wanted to play Juliet, so he decided to audition for Romeo, just to annoy my boyfriend. Now he is the reason my boyfriend and I aren't together anymore. So, while we were practicing we signaled for someone to come in. And then he kissed me and the one who came in was my boyfriend, well, my ex." I say crying.

-"Oh, dear. That's awful dear. You know what? You're to talented to let go of. I'm going to set up another Romeo audition. Does that sound ok?" She asks. Look up and nod.

*After school

i haven't spoken to any of the boys all day. Well, except Liam but that was only in drama. I won't drive with an of the boys home... I'm mad at all of them. I'm going to confront Harry when i get home. I know I was the one who said we should take a break, but I can't pretend that I am ok with this break. I finally get home and see Rachel sitting on the couch. 

-"What are you doing here?" I ask with a dull voice. She looks at me and smiles her stupid smile.

-" I'm here with my boyfriend." I burst out laughing.

-"Really? And who may that be?" I ask laughing.

-"Hey babe." I hear Harry voice. He walks over to her and kisses her... ON THE LIPS! WTF?! He said he HATED her! Ok... now I am very confused.

-"Ouch... that hurt." I whisper and silently walk up to my room.

Harry's P.O.V

I need to make her jealous. What can make her jealous? Me dating another girl? Yeah, that would do! I look around and see Rachel waving at me. I smile and walk over to her. I know it's wrong to use her... but it is a matter of life or death. My life or my death.

-"Hey Harry!" Rachel says in her suprisingly annoying voice.

-"Hey Rach! I have something to ask you." I say smirking, hoping to make her think i really like her.

-"What do wanna ask me, Harreh?" she asks trying to seduce me. Too bad Rachel... not working.

-"Woud you like to be my girlfriend? I know I should have asked you before, but your beauty has blinded me." I say. The next thing I know Rachel has sreamed yes and we are making out. 

-"Wanna come to my place after school?" I ask her. The perfect way to make Caroline jealous! 

-"I would love to, boyfriend!" she squeals and kisses me again.

*After school*

I brought Rachel home. She is in the living room. I swear! It is only to make Caroline jealous!


Chapter 10 as promised! I have also updated Don't Hurt Her! :) xoxo Caroline

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