Never forget me

When 17 year old Caroline Parker moves to Holmes Chapel, she thinks that it will be beyond boring. She meets Jessica and she is proven very wrong...


2. Familar faces

Still Caroline's P.O.V

I make my way to my first class, homeroom! I step inside and introduce myself to the teacher. 

-"Ms. Parker very nice to meet you! You will be sitting next to Mr. Styles!"

I make my way down to the back of the class and take my seat. 

-"Hi, I'm Harry!" a deep voice says. I look at the boy, with curly brown hair.

-"I'm Caroline."

-"Can i see you schedule?" Harry asks and i hand him it. 

-"Looks like we also have science and biology together!"

*Bell rings*

I walk out and into the corridor, thinking about Harry. Where have i seen him before? No, thats silly i just moved here. I look up, but before i could react i bump into someone.

-" Oh, I'm so sorry I was..."

-"It's ok, love. don't worry about it."

I finally get the guts to look up and into some deep brown eyes.

-" I'm Liam. Are you new here? I haven't seen you around."

-"I'm Caroline, and yeah, i just moved here from Denmark so i don't really know where to go."

-"What's your next lesson and I'll take you there."

I tell him that it is english, and thats was apparenly his to. I think I've seen him to... Caroline your going crazy you've only been in Holmes Chapel for 1 day, you have NOT seen him. 

*At lunch*

-"Hey Caroline, do you want to have lunch with me?"

-"I'd love to Harry, I'm already eating with Jessica."

I try looking for her when i see to arms waving in the air and Jessica smiling at me.

-"So what do you think about Harry, i see that you've been talking to him quite a bit...?" Ask Jessica


Leaving you with a cliff hanger... Sorry it took me so long to update. I had a writers block.... :P


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