I Will Fight For You

Jaylie May Johnson was just your normal teenage girl. She went to school, hang out with her friends, and had a crush on the hottest boy in school, Harry Styles. Harry and his friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn, an Niall are the most popular boys at the school. Jaylie knows that she could never be with a boy like him. But what happens when Jaylie and Harry bump into each other in the hallway? Will feelings start to show? What happens when Jaylie finds out a secret of the boys that was ment to be a secret? Will this change their relationship? What will Jaylie and Harry do when they find out that someone or something is trying to keep them away form each other? Will Jaylie and Harry fight or will they fall apart?


1. About me

Hey, my name is Jaylie May Johnson. I am just you typical teenage girl. I go to school, love to hang out with my friends and I have this huge crush on the hottest boy in school, Harry styles.

Harry an hi friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall are the most popular boys in school. Like each girl has an crush on them. They rule the school and get mainly anything want. But when it comes to girls they are not players. If get asked out by one of them, then you are considered to be special because of it.

But I knew that there was no way that that would happen to me. Usally boys like that go for girls that are high in the ranking and I am not that. I am more of a geek. Nobody really notices my anyway, so why fantasize over something that can't come true?

So I went on with my life not worrying about them. I stopped day dreaming in class about what it would be like to date one of them. But that all changed September 21. A day that was going to change my life forever, I just did not know it then.
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